Shahrukh Khan’s alleged affair with Priyanka Chopra: Should the duo just enjoy it?

Shahrukh Khan’s alleged affair with Priyanka Chopra: Should the duo just enjoy it?

Whatever story we write on Shahrukh Khan, the standard response is: “Anti-SRK site” or “Paid by Salman Khan to write this”. So when Bolly B shared some exclusive goss on SRK and PC’s alleged love affair, the public went mad with rage. Only some smart ones had a different view of the entire affair. Here are some examples:

simi posted at 7:04 PM on December 27, 2011:

“Here too, he is following the Big B ….. Remember Big B’s relationship with Rekha? I think Gauri should take advise from Jaya. SRK – Pls stop just doing whatever Big B does!!!”

Ram posted at 11:37 AM on November 26, 2011:

“srk is a grand old uncle and she is more of a daughter to him.moreover he is too old to satisfy her, it might be platonic love not carnal”

kitty posted at 2:08 AM on November 22, 2011:

“would you guys listen to yourself why are you dissing this site? blame srk and pc for acting wrong theres no affair talk about hrithik and aish or salman and oreity etc… because they dont act cheap, these two are all over each other ‘friends’ do not do that, see how they act and see how hrithik acts with aish and you will se a big diffrence.

thre reason why is that they have become best friends overnight literally fastest friendship ever which is why its so sussed srk has never acted like this even with juhi who he claims is his best friend that shows you what hes like.

end of day hes a 50 year old hanging out 24/7 with a 20 year old who has experience of sleeping with married men (akki) its gross and disgusting. i pray gauri starts hanging around 24/7 with ranbir and he is all over her and then lets see how srk acts.”

Dharini posted at 3:18 PM on November 21, 2011:

“I had heard in one of SRK’s interview that he would never do an overtly intimate scene with an actress on screen coz he feels its not right for his children to see it…He also said, that he was very uncomfortable when his son, Aryan was watching KANK and that scene of his and Rani making love (which I personally feel was shot very subtly and wasnt even close to vulgar) came up in the song (wheres the party tonight) and he left the screening for a bit coz he couldnt watch his son watching that scene…even if SRK right now has feelings for priyanka…hes not that kind of a man who would leave his family and be ashamed infront of his kids to be with another woman. All Priyanka should worry about now is to stop her PR from spreading nonsense rumors about her link ups with every co star..she should probably find a business man and start dating him so that she doesn’t end up being like Preity, Rani, Urmila, Sushmita in 3 years!”

A. Nony posted at 3:02 PM on November 21, 2011:

“it makes me laugh when fans say srk is most faithful etc…. like some fan would know. millions of men and women cheat all over the world people who live down your own street hell even people you know friends/family but yet srk is different because your his fan get real.

srk knew about this rumour yet he still hangs out with pc and publicly kisses and whispers in her ear what the hell does he expect reality check friends DO NOT behave like this, NO other actor acts like this with their female friends hell even single people like deepika or shahid dont behave like this. srk has also never acted like this with any other actress. like there were so many rumours about juhi and srk yet they never acted like this hell they didnt even touch each other in public.”

Pedro posted at 6:16 AM on November 24, 2011

“Iagree 100%. Life is too short. They look good together, SRK looks happy,seems to have gotten a new edge. Go for it guys and enjoy. Just keep that chemistry going!”

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  • Harji Coren

    I agree with the comment made by pedro SRK Looks happy,If its true they are or have had an affair,Good for them SRK is a great guy!And PC is a Beautiful women!So let them both just enjoy life is to short!.. But i dont believe he would leave is children!Has for Gauri she is obviously not doing something right for SRK to wonder!! BIG FAN LUV U SRK :)

  • Someone

    get over with it,,people…they are over with it ages ago…seems like you guys really are without any work that you keep on writing such cheap things again and again..

  • Shahrukh Khan Rulezz

    Ok , so now I’m sure that the site is an anti-SRK one !! But one thing should be kept in mind by the SRK haters , if you compare Salman with SRK then you are comparing 20 million with 2 billion !! You’ve got no idea about the star power of SRK !!!!

    • roma

      You are wrong salman has more star power then old SRK
      He shoudnt be cheating with his family

      • kay

        if shahrukh is old, so salman is way more older than him. Why you guys cant think from brain. Do you act foolish deliberately or all sallu’s fans are actually big time fools. shame on you guys! No comparison of srk and sallu please!! why you guys wasting your energy on fighting on this argument. whoever works good, we have to appreciate. and if comparison is necessary, then srk is way more better actor and human being than sallu.

        • muhammad anees

          Good job..u stole my words

      • Deemi

        er no. Get your facts right. There a billions. Im from another country and i know how much we adore shahrukh khan.

  • imaani

    WOW. i used to love this site but sure as hell i dont anymore last time visiting actually, its kind of pathetic to talk about someone who doesnt even know you exist. Hate Shahrukh Khan all you want but its not going to effect him in the slightest way possible.

  • dd

    anti – srk site!

  • suhana

    plz and plz, why cant u (media) leave pc alone? what do she do to u (media) that u hate her so much? you ruin her career in the frist and still u want again to ruin her life! plz for what for? or do u want to kill her?

  • tobi

    this site gets standard “anti-srk” response because no matter what srk does good/bad the site always ends up with some negative remarks. Not to mention some bad headlines on srk to get attention. Its like it is running some campaign to bring down the image of srk. Now when srk-pc rumour is coming to an end, its still trying to keep it up alive just by posting some people comments as they dont have any proof on his link-up. so what more can we expect other than “anti-srk” site?

    • Olamide

      On point man

    • Deemi

      precisely. Stupid bloody rumours. You people should be ashamed if you have any conscience at all.

  • shab

    proved it again that your anti-srk site. so obvious. u guys need to get a life and stop posting news that have no proof.

  • kay

    complete anti-srk site. it has been proven. Only showing one side of picture and comments. how much money are you getting from sallu

  • مها علي

    In arabic,حسبي الله و نعم الوكيل فيكم and in english,only Allah is able to punish you,believe in Allah and give up this dirty news,this is haram,Allah does not accept spreading rumours without proof

  • Maysa

    If he had an affair with her,he would try to hide that but he was whisperring her in her ears and kissing her in public,he is joking ,he does that with every actress,but you are haters so you misunderstand that,may GOD take you,what about writing about salman bad treatment to his fans in the last ceremony he was in or talking about his crimes,leave shahrukhkhan alone ,really jealous site,and my advice to you is to try to hide your hatred if you do not want us to think that you haters,really stupid

  • Karina

    what is this dirt you write ,this site must be closed now as you use it for your personal affairs

  • Maysa again

    what about making your next topic in favour of shahrukhkhan and against salman to make us believe that you are innocent and you are not against shahrukhkhan or any thing,you ,I say that about you how ,you are angels,very innocent site,hhhhhhhh

  • Mhaseebahmed

    Again after reading ur article of comments it reaffirms my faith or it reiterate the fact this site is all but anti-srk nd along with they r the hired goons of sallu-uullu khan..! I hate to burst ur bubble but u guys r seriously delusional.

  • Zardha

    Get a life pipol…let ‘em be…what will be will be kay cera cera

  • sadia

    its u guys who wana see all that n then talks about it….lol

  • alexandra

    I think SRK became infatuated with PC, guys the poor man is under a lot of pressure to succed in all his businesses which are so many.

    I think he is lokking for some kind of escape, PC fell for him but he is the older and more mature person here. And apparently held him self in check.

    She is young and available but SRK I bet you if he had the reckless thing in him like Salman, he would have taken off with PC but I think her time in LA will give her the time to think and get over him.

    Let us keep watching.

  • Sagar

    Rubbish websites and more rubbish is its content,,,,just written crap,lies and story having no meaning,should be banned these type of sites

  • Mik

    Hehe ofcourse according to this site LALLU MONKEY is such a great human being for this site Lallu is like A MONKEY WITH A GOLDEN heart…All knows that Lallu is a Criminal whatever he do for publicity…its a fact…He does all thes Being monkey things just to cover his Crimes…And After alll this this Site is saying Him as The GREATEST HUMAN IN THE WORLD…pathetic,…And by the way THIS IS AN ANTI-SRK SITE…whatever the LALLU MONKEY FANS TRY TO PULLL KING KHAN DOWN NOTHING MATTER AT ALL FOR US SRK FANS WE SUPPORT HIM ALWAYSSS