Shahrukh Khan’s RA.One animator Charu to undergo surgery today

Thu, March 29, 2012 3:02pm IST by

Charu Khandal, who recently won the National Award for her cutting-edge animation in Shahrukh Khan’s ambitious superhero film, RA.One, met with an unfortunate road accident. A speeding car, with an allegedly drunk driver at the wheel, rammed into the autorickshaw in which she was travelling with her sister and a friend. She suffered multiple fractures and injuries to her spinal cord in the accident but was never in coma.  We heard that there has been no body movement, but her brain is active. She can see, talk and is aware of what is happening around her.”There was a slight movement in her shoulder from yesterday evening, which is a very good sign,” our source said. Her fiance, Sagar Thackar, along with his family members are in the hospital,  running around and taking care of everything. Charu will undergo major a surgery today. The surgery was supposed to happen at 7:30 in the morning but it got a little delayed. We hope and pray that the talented girl gets well soon. Leave your wishes here.

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  • toral adatia

    hi charu My mom’s name was charu….. and she no more I love my mom very much. I and my mom are big fan of sharukh … I have seen 10 times Ra.One……. for shaRUKH but I have read this new i realized that what u all guys have done from behind the screen….. darling I love ur work so much ……. and darling I pray to god for getting well soon …. and RA. ONe also taking care of u that don’t worry u will get well soon………….. and entertain us as u r…….. darling get well soon I really pray for u ….. I am not feeling good for u…