Sharmila Tagore insists Saif Ali Khan-Kareena Kapoor to marry on October 16!

In the latest interview Saif Ali Khan said, “I have not fixed a date for the wedding yet. It is going to be a year-end wedding.” While the Cocktail star chooses to keep his impending wedding to Kareena Kapoor a mystery as always and drive everyone nuts, his mother Sharmila Tagore seems to have decided when the shaadi should take place. She says, “I am giving a warning to Saif. I am confirming that the wedding will take place on October 16.” So with confusing reports coming from the members of the family we wonder when is the wedding happening! Tagore further added that a registered marriage ceremony will take place on the decided date. When asked if the couple with marry in Pataudi Palace or Mumbai, she reveals, “The venue will be Pataudi or Mumbai. With Tiger passing away, we want a very quiet wedding. Saif miyan is the busiest man on the planet. He wants to do the wedding in Pataudi, but apparently Kareena’s parents want it in Mumbai.” We are glad that finally we have some clarity about the longstanding wedding, but we’d still wait for an official announcement from the couple.