Shirish Kunder will not file complaint against Shahrukh Khan

Shirish Kunder will not file complaint against Shahrukh Khan

Much to everyone’s surprise, filmmaker Shirish Kunder has stated that  he will not be taking the matter of his alleged scuffle with Shahrukh Khan to the police. He posted a message on Twitter, saying, “Thanks for all your concern & wishes. We are very grateful. Contrary to rumours, we have no intention of filing a FIR or police complaint.” This statement comes close on the heels of Shahrukh’s denial of the assault on Kunder. Some B-towners like Ameesha Patel and photographer Dabboo Ratnani, are taking SRK’s side. Shahrukh hasn’t issued any official statement in this regard, but Farah Khan and Kunder are talking about the fiasco to all those who care to listen. Kunder not filing an FIR leads us to believe that there would some reason why he got slapped. If he was as innocent as he has claimed in his interview to a tabloid, why would he not take legal action? Let us know what you think about this fracas.

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  • anushka

    of course he must have done something to provoke srk
    if witnesses like dabboo ratnani being there has taken to twitter to declare that he supports srk for what he did, n many other reports stating that shirish was following srk around provoking him. it’s clear that srk is not to be blamed in the story

    even more proof if from ameesha patel who DESPITE BEING FARAH KHAN friend has admited on twitter that shirish should not have spoken about srk like this in public .being farah frnd she wud hv supported her if srk was wrong but thumbs up to HER for supporting the truth :
    way to go ameesha for being brave enough to say the truth

  • Sahab

    Farah would have been slaped as well.

    • ashwina

      lol true farah was not even at the party to witness what happened n yet she commented first
      people have to be smart to beliEve the REAL WITNESSES WHO WERE THERE N SAW WHAT HAPPENED

      everywhere it’s being reported from guests that shirish was provoking srk n it’s true how much patience can someone have to take everything like this

  • Zak

    Well that’s real macho of SRK. That prick likes to kick people when they are low. SRK has shown lots of times that he can laugh at himself or when others crack jokes at his expense but when it’s a prick who’s trying to score some points to get back at SRK for rejecting his movies then its time to bring the Pathan out & kick some A**. He finally paid the price for the big mouth in their family that includes Farah & Sajid Khan.

  • V

    Read the Business of Cinema story that has all the facts right not just guessing like this one.

    Farah’s oh so feminine ‘wife’ is a loud mouth no talent hanger on who has never done anything but make huge flops and who is jealous of people with REAL talent. He was drunk at the party and being insulting to Sanjay Dutt and others long before SRK arrived.

    Whatever SRK did or said was I’m sure far less than she/he deserved being he’s such a b**ch

  • Rani

    So many people are happy that Shahrukh slapped former film editor Shirish Kunder. It’s wrong. We should never condone violence against women.

  • Jitendra Niigaam

    Why did srk left the farah khan,she would have been slapped too,srk had made big mistake by making farah khan’s direction career