Sonakshi Sinha denies signing film with SRK and Ranveer

We heard – and we even told you – about Abhinav Kashyap’s new film, starring Shahrukh Khan and Sonakshi Sinha. It made a lot of noise even before anything was confirmed and our pet birdie told us that the story would be set and shot in Australia. And then came the story that she was doing a film for Yash Raj with Ranveer Singh. But the best part is that Sonakshi, who said on the couch on Karan’s Johar’s talk show that she kinda liked (understatement!) Ranveer, staunchly denies having anything to do with a film of this kind. “I haven’t signed any film with Shahrukh Khan,” she insists, and “I am not doing any film with Ranveer.” Which is a pity, because we could have had something to buzz about then!