SRK injures ribs during New Year celebrations in Dubai

On New Year’s, Shahrukh Khan was tweeting about playing midnight soccer with daughter Suhana and wanting to beat her. He had said, “A different bringing in the new year..near midnite soccer with my daughter…she is leading 2 to 1. Lemme show her the stuff I am made up of.” But looks like darling daughter managed to beat daddy dearest, for SRK tweeted again, “Have hurt ribs. Holiday soccer career nipped in the bud…bah!! Now to indulge in reading & videogames. Hurts only when I laugh or breathe.” Poor guy! He meant only well to take his family to Dubai for New Year celebrations. Little did he know that his holiday would add to his many injuries. But SRK did manage to have some fun and tweeted about it, of course, saying, “Awesome fun with kids on the beach…atv rides…fights in the sand…temple run game…but think I overdid the fights…aching all over.” Well, get well soon, Shahrukh!


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