‘The Dirty Picture’ is now ready for television screening

The Vidya Balan starrer that had been banned from television screening in April, has now been given a clean chit after 100 cuts. The controversial National Award winning film was considered unfit to be shown before 11 pm for general viewing. We hear that the producers of The Dirty Picture approached the Central Board for Film Certification (CBFC) volunteering an additional 40 cuts. Certain objectionable words have been muted now while a good 3-4 minutes of the film have been edited out to make it suitable for television. The Information and Broadcasting ministry had to step in to stop the screening of The Dirty Picture on prime time. The film had got 59 cuts in April but had been given a U/A certificate with a rider that it be screened only post-11 pm. And now after the additional chopping off the film has been declared suitable for Television.