The Indian Air Force demands four changes in ‘Mausam’

After watching Shahid Kapoor’s Mausam, the IAF officials has asked the makers of the film to make four changes in the scenes before it can be sent to the censor board for reviewing. One of the changes demanded by IAF is the deletion of a scene of distress landing of an aircraft by replacing it with a normal landing. In a letter to the production company of the film, Cinergy Productions , the IAF said, “While emergencies are a normal part of a pilot’s life, portrayal of the same in the manner that has been done could result in wrong perception in the eyes of the viewing public regarding flight safety image of the IAF.” The other demands include the removal of the tail number of Mirage 2000 aircraft. Producer Sheetal Talawar said that IAF approved the film when it was first screened for them. “They want me to delete about nine minutes, I can’t do it. We have sent a copy of the script that they approved a year before the film went on floor,” she said. Interestingly, the censor board CEO P Thakur has said that the board has nothing to do with the demands of the IAF and it will certify the film according to its own rules. Mausam will be reviewed by the board on September 12.