Vidya Balan shows off more than usual in ‘The Dirty Picture’, but says it’s clean

We just saw the promos of Vidya Balan’s new film, The Dirty Picture. And even though we like the free and easy image that Vidya shows off, we must say that this one seems to be dedicated to the Balan bosom, since almost every shot in the trailer we have online lovingly peeks into that magnificent cleavage. We know that Silk Smitha was a sex symbol and also rather well filled, but this is not a role or a look that we expected from Bollywood. Of course, we do approve, because if anyone can do it without being vulgar, it is Vidya and we are sure that she will bring out the tragedy that was Silk’s life, with class. As she says, “The movie is not vulgar and sleazy. Though some might feel a little hesitant or find it difficult to digest the movie, I am sure as a woman one might agree.” We do, Vids, we do!

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