When Kareena Kapoor refused to kiss Shahrukh Khan

The occasion was the music launch of Shahrukh Khan’s ambitious film, RA.One, when this incident took place. SRK and Bebo had danced to the Chhamak chhallo song and were back on the stage when thanks to a recorded video, King Khan had to kiss Kareena on behalf of some kids who wanted to be kissed by her. Kareena sent out a flying kiss to the kids but the witty Khan said he would send out kisses to the kids only if she planted a kiss on his cheeks. What worked against him was that thanks to his dance gig, his face was sweaty and Kareena said she wouldn’t kiss him on the cheeks – she preferred air-kissing instead. King Khan managed with what he got from Bebo but we were left wondering – how bad is a sweaty kiss from SRK?