2014 FIFA World Cup song We Are One: Jennifer Lopez and Pitbull fail to beat Shakira’s Waka Waka

Pitbull and J.Lo have collaborated for the theme song of FIFA this year but sadly its no match to Shakira’s Waka waka which was the official song of FIFA in 2010

We Are One by Jennifer Lopez and Pitbull is the official 2014 FIFA World Cup song which also features Brazilian artist Cláudia Leitte. The number starts off with the American rapper grooving around the Brazilian dancers. While the tune of We Are One is peppy, its nothing new. In fact, it sounds quite similar to Pitbull’s earlier songs. Hear it and you’ll agree with us. Also, the lyrics aren’t that great or motivating. Though Pitbull has tried hard to capture the real spirit and essence of Brazil, wethinks he hasn’t really succeeded. The best part of this song is Jennifer Lopez who enters after a good one minute or so. The Hollywood starlet looks absolutely stunning and she has even crooned her part quite well. And there is doubt about the fact that her voice is more powerful than Pitbull’s. Not to forget, also loved the chorus part which goes like Ole ola. Overall, We Are One is a bit disappointing especially if you loved Shakira’s Waka waka.

While wethinks Pitbull and J.Lo could have done much better, Bollywoodlifers for now, you hear song, watch the video and tell us – Is We Are One better than Waka waka?