3 mistakes of Salman Khan’s life!

3 mistakes of Salman Khan’s life!

The Dabangg Khan is indeed one of the most loved Bollywood star today. However this star’s past continues to casts its dark shadow even today on his present and future…

Salman Khan, the eternal bachelor of B-town is one of the biggest and brightest star in tinsel town, The Jai Ho actor has surely come a long way. However in his journey towards stardom, the actor indeed made a lot of mistakes. Today he might lead a rockstar’s life, but three mistakes of his life cannot be undone continue to haunt him even today. BollywoodLife brings you 3 mistakes of Salman Khan’s life…

The black-buck poaching case: It all happened in 1998 when Salman was shooting for Sooraj Barjatya’s film, Hum Saath Saath Hai in Jodhpur, Rajasthan. Salman was charged with hunting two black bucks, which were an endangered species, at Kankani village on the night of October 1, 1998. The Kick actor was also accused of carrying illegal arms, following which he was sent to the prison in the same year and again in 2007. It has been almost 16 years, but this mistake continues to haunt him even today. Remember he was denied a visa to UK last year? Well, that was all due to this infamous black buck poaching case.

Break up with Aishwarya Rai (Bachchan): It was during the shoot of Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam, Aishwarya and Salman got along like a house on fire. After which Bollywood found it’s first superstar couple. Their affair was the fodder of gossip mills for the longest time. As they say, what’s love that has no spark, right? Ash’s family opposed the relationship, but she stood by her man. The former Miss World ultimately broke up with Sallu, after he inadvertently admitted that he was unfaithful towards her. In an interview, Ash even went on to confess that Salman was not able to come to terms with their break-up and would often call and harass her. “After we broke up, he would call me and talk rubbish. He also suspected me of having affairs with my co-stars. I was linked up with everyone, from Abhishek Bachchan to Shahrukh Khan.There were times when Salman got physical with me, luckily without leaving any marks. And I would go to work as if nothing had happened,” the Taal actor revealed in a rare tell-all interview to a daily.

And because of all the suspicion, the Sallu even reportedly slapped director Subhash Ghai and created a scene on the sets of Kuch Na Kaho, which featured Ash and Abhishek Bachchan in lead roles. That’s not all. Salman’s tamashaa on the sets of Chalte Chalte, was one of the first spark in the Shahrukh-Salman war. Sallu had stormed onto the sets of the film, pushed Aishwarya to the ground, raised hand on her, prompting intervention from spectators. This was when Shahrukh, who was the producer and hero of this film, intervened in the couple’s heated quarrel and was verbally attacked by Salman. SRK soon replaced Ash with Rani Mukerji in this film, which affected his rapport with the Bachchan bahu. Aishwarya’s career was badly affected as no actor was ready to work with her.

Later the Dhoom 2 actor started dating Vivek Oberoi. The duo were spotted together at various places. However, this too didn’t go down well with Ash’s ex-flame. Vivek and Salman had a public showdown, where Vivek levelled all sorts of allegations against Salman at a press conference. The Saathiya actor said that Salman threatened to bash him up in public and kill him. Under the full glare of the media, Vivek went on saying how Salman called him 41 times to threaten him. He even openly challenged Salman to a duel.

Vivek thought that he had s support from his lady love and Bollywood, but guess what? Ash was not happy and is said to have found her boyfriend’s behaviour very immature. After this panga with Salman, Oberoi Jr lost out on film offers, in fact he suffers from this aftermath even today. His career has seen a steady downfall with playing sidey characters and featuring in multi-starrers.

2002 hit-and-run case: In 2002, while Salman was still reeling with his break-up, another trouble ran into his life quite literally. On the night of September 28, 2002, Salman’s Toyota Land Cruiser allegedly ran over five people sleeping on the footpath outside American Express Bakery on Hill Road in Bandra, killing one and injuring four others. Witnesses have alleged that the Judwaa actor was driving the vehicle, but the actor has denied these charge. It was being said that the actor was drunk and after the tests, almost 65mg alcohol was found in his blood on the night of accident. It has been 12 years since, and today this mistake seems to endanger his future as an actor.

And even if Salman Khan continues to have a humungous legion of fans who worship him, these 3 mistakes of his life seem to tag along. He might be the poster boy of Being Human, charity and goodness, the verdict of 2002 hit-and-run case might just take the actor back to dark dungeons of his mistakes…Subscribe to me on YouTube


  • Malenna Corredor

    We call it mistakes he will call it his life I think…Even though Aiswarya
    -Salamn relationship fails miserable, he would not be the person he is today’s without all this episodes; I always believe someone political (singh) was behind, due the fact that cases similar like the one he has were common men involves we’re easily solve and MIT jail term was ask, but in Salman Khan case is dragging like he is the greatest criminal in the world…for me he is more honest and good person and have less baggage than any other star, against all odds he became self made india superstar, even Corrupt Amitabh bachcham will agree on that: salman one and only…

  • aycma

    Been a huge Salman Khan fan since I was a child, however I think if he has done the mistake then he ought to bear the consequences of it. This verdict should have come 12 years ago, yet it has dragged for this long. He he had committed the “mistake”, he has to go to jail for it. He not only drove drunk, he killed a person, and injured many others. I am sure he could afford getting a sober driver to take him around, instead of risking human lives. It is utterly shameful, and disgusting. I am glad he started the being human charity, and is on the path of doing the right thing, but he still has to pay for what he committed all those years ago. He is on a different journey than how he started in 2002, but he needs to pay for his consequences, realize his mistake, and move on. I hope this verdict will be the end of this hit-and-run case, and hopefully he will manage to put it behind him.

  • Rose Oku

    none of these are salman mistake though ppl take it as such-n by d way ash cheated on salman w/ vivek n 4 that u can say ash was a mistake in salmans life becuz after she has used him 4 her success she cheated on him with vivek……..n the two cases……….i belive salman will win both cases n he will b proven innocent, n those 2 cases is not his fault…………luv u always salman………dont worry ur enemies will continue to die at ur feet………king of btown

    • http://www.addspace.co.in Jahir Kameel

      All of you are showing your love toward Salman by supporting that he is innocent. But one thing is clear that every charge is truth. Not a fiction. If you talk about politics then it must be. Reason you know. If not then it is backing up Modi.

  • shalma

    Don’t worry salman your fans are with you, so if you will do an anotjer mistake we will forgive you nd mistakes are a part of a life, everyone have did one mistake in their life !!

    • Jojo

      Maybe if he ran over your father or brother it would be just as easy to forgive him….after all it’s just a mistake-like the mistakes made on a say a math test?…..hmmm

      • Taua

        @ Jojo i would definitely forgive Salman if he did run over my brother or father cause forgiveness is th sweetest feeling ever. Revenge and anger doesnt get you anywhere but negative things. If you were the one that ran over them i would also forgive you the way i would forgive Salman. Just think a minute, everyone makes mistakes but at least he repented and has done alot of good deeds for India through Being Human helping th discouraged. The incident happened nearly 12 years ago, its been a long time and its the past too. No one wants to live in the past, life goes on. Im very proud to say that I am his biggest fan till death and im praying God will be on his side.

        • xyz

          ” @ Jojo i would definitely forgive Salman if he did run over my brother or father ”
          hope your wish come true …………..

  • kishore kumar

    Salman is a very good person by heart.I dont think he has driven the car. If it would have done.he would have committed. It is only politically show pulling his legs as he is a big celebrity of the nation nothing else.every passing day there r such people are involving the serious crime even the political leaders are.but no body is focusing on that.salman is a man with golden heart.nobody see his graetness.what he is doing for country. This is india.here being a celebrity is a crime.dont worry salman god is always wih u.i ll pray for u.nothing ll happen odd to u.u ll rock as always and entertain india .u r a rockstar.god bless u always being with needy person.luv u salman.

    • hiklhl

      tui akta baro gandu choda & pagla choda. go to helll

  • Salman’s fan

    Do u really think that Salman have done these mistakes.It is just his name have put in it.if Salman is denying that the charges,then he is saying true.I agry 100% with Salman.

    • swamy

      Prathi manishi life lo enno miatakes chesthadu kani thanani thanu shikshinchukoledu but salman ala kadu he is very different he is punished his life

  • abity abemeleck

    he is an idiot srk is the king

  • Guest

    We all make mistake in our life salman is a changed kind hearted person and do so much for society that should be consider, everyone deserve a second chance , the case called hit and run it was not run case he himself reported, if law want to punish him there are lot of ways to give him punishment give him more public service to save people’s life not hurting him completely ruining him he law throw him in Jain will he able to serve communities and needies the way he is doing now, he is doing from many years, even before hit and run case , is that anything to look on
    God bless you , wish you Goidelic luck everything will be ok

    • flix

      i feel when salman khan wakes up everyday he wishes his day was different da day he made these mistakes ….he must wish what happened if i wasnt hurt or driving that car that day…..i bet hes living a jail life daily in his head hes trying to make up by making peoples lives better leave him alone and v must support him as it takes seconds to ruin sumthing and a lifetime to rectify it….if a person realises their mistakes an makes amends dat means they have learnt from it….let salman be who he is a great human being first then a actor ……people always forgive…