3 reasons why Sidharth Malhotra and Aditya Roy Kapur aren’t BFFs !

We give you an inside scoop on why these two good looking actors are avoiding each other these days…

They say in Bollywood there are no permanent friends and enemies. Perhaps Sidharth Malhotra and Aditya Roy Kapur need to know this. There isn’t one but several reasons why these two stars are at loggerheads with each other. Here’s breaking it down for you and giving you the dope on their pow-wow

#Relationship Status: It’s Complicated

We aren’t talking about their Facebook status, but the state of their personal affairs. Both Sid and Aditya have denied their “affection” for Shraddha Kapoor in public, but privately they are known to be more than just friends with her. In fact Aditya who has been seeing Shraddha ever since they came together in Aashiqui 2 has categorically maintained a standard reply on his relationship status with her. On the contrary, Sid has been heaping lavish praises on his chemistry with Shraddha and openly declared his fondness for her. Perhaps, Sid being vocal about his affection didn’t go down well with Aditya and that might have distanced him from the actor.

#Onscreen rivarly

It’s a given fact that both Aditya and Sid are a big hit with the ladies! They both have delivered blockbusters in the romantic genre (Sidharth stole a million hearts with SOTY and Aditya had women eating out of the palm of his hand post Aashiqui 2). Both will be seen in a rugged man’s role in their next (Sid in Ek Villain and Warrior and Aditya in Fitoor) But can they be fighting over divided attention among fans and filmmakers? Perhaps! Unlike Varun Dhawan with whom Sid has worked in the past and shares a camaraderie, Aditya is a stranger to him. Off screen they might have partied and been drinking buddies but onscreen they are competition to each other.

#Tussle over director

It is a common trend in Bollywood to repeat actors once the film is a hit. But Mohit Suri chose differently as he decided to work with Sidharth despite his last film Aashiqui 2 with Aditya owning the box office! We wonder if the Kapur lad was offended that his favourite director chose to work with his rival. Similarly we won’t be surprised if Sid has declares his unconditional loyalty to Mohit after Ek Villain thus leaving KJo behind. A lot depends on the success of the film which will decide the future of this director-actor jodi. This could be one of the many reasons why they aren’t friends….


We think that the sun hasn’t set on Adi and Sid’s possible patch up because Bollywood is a world of endless possibilities! If Salman Khan and Shah Rukh Khan can make peace after an ugly spat, then Sid and Adi might just too. We will have to wait and watch.