3 reasons why we think Kapil Sharma is trying to sabotage Sunil Grover’s Mad In India

3 reasons why we think Kapil Sharma is trying to sabotage Sunil Grover’s Mad In India

The competition is going to get all the way more intense between the warring comedians today

After a heck lot of controversies, Sunil Grover has finally come up with his own comedy show titled Mad In India which will go on air today (February 16). However, it looks like Sunil‘s friend turned foe, Kapil Sharma has made all the arrangements to sabotage former’s new show. And here are three reasons why we think the host of Comedy Nights with Kapil doesn’t want Mad In India‘s opening episode to be a hit.

First, Kapil’s bachelorrette Pinky Bua (played by Upasna Singh)  in CNWK, who has been desperate to get married right from the very first episode, will finally tie the knot in tonight’s episode of the funny ha ha series. And the channel has created the most hype around it. So it’s pretty obvious that people wouldn’t want to miss the special episode. And as we had already told ya, Bua will get hitched to the character of Golden Bhai played by Razzak Khan. Anyway, coming to the point, we can’t ignore the fact that this move of Mr Sharma coincides with the premiere of Grover’s show on the rival channel. As they say in Hindi, daal mein kuch kaala hai.

Secondly, Kapil has made it sure that tonight’s episode of CNWK has dose of both comedy and naach gaana. While TV stars like Sargun Mehta, Ravi Dubey, Siddharth Shukla and Karan Wahi performed yesterday (February 15), we now hear that more of small screen’s stars like Rahul Mahajan and Roshni Chopra will shake a leg in tonight’s episode as well.

And lastly, the Shaadi Ke Side Effects co-stars Vidya Balan and Farhan Akhtar will also make an appearance on CNWK today, which will make people all the way more excited about the episode, hai na?

This is indeed a very smart and nasty move by Kapil, we must say. However, the television ratings on February 16 and days to come will decide which show will win the viewership race. Anyway, you tell us what would be your choice today – Pinky Bua’s much awaited wedding or Sunil’s continuation of the eccentric Punjabi girl (Chutki) act in Mad In India?Subscribe to me on YouTube


  • Karan

    Of course Sunil Grover’s Mad In India. We are fed up of same cr*p in CNWK, especially Bua’s act.

    • Men0608 .

      I think you really need some psychological treatment….ask any person to watch yesterdays episode…total rubbish…there were no gigs…when we are with friends we make fun much better…best way for Sunil is to rejoin CNWK where he shot to fame….this happens when success goes to ones head….N Kapil too should not forget this…

      • Karan

        LOLOLOLOLOL!!! You better keep your irrelevant advise to yourself. It was much better than recent CNWK episodes. Only previous CNWK had fun and comedy when Sunil Grover was a part of it. Now since he has quit it, it has lost all of his charm. Truth to be told, if it wasn’t for the celebrities, very few people like you would watch CNWK.

  • Anonymous

    Ofcourse MAD IN INDIA… Kapil can’t beat the madness of Sunil Grover…

    • Iraj

      Kapil is nothing in front of sunil Grover. Sunil is far more talented and a far better comedian. Kapil is so boring and his show most often rely on insulting the audiences. His jokes are stale, just like him.

      • Robab Ali

        Kapil is the king u idiot!sunil grover is nothing but a cheap copycat!first episode was stale and stupid!Kapil is much more funny!!!

        • Men0608 .

          Robab…spot on…only idiots will like MII…the jokes in the first episode…whoooffff….even our friend circle joke much better…oh sunil sunil what have you done….we loved you as Gutthi…please come back to CNWK….

          • @KapilLover

            Certainly MII was far below standard, even CC can be better than MII, but CNWK is certainly much of high standard.

  • Sundeep

    Mad in India is nothing but a cheap imitation of CNWK … No fun at all … Gimmicks or no gimmicks … MII stands no chance in front of CNWK !

  • renu

    Kapil is 1000 times better then sunil..mad in India flop shows..

  • binifrom USA

    the opening show of mii itself very dissapointing ispite of some famous personalities. i would like to watch oth shows. guthi was def. better than chutki. guthi was inspired by kapil. MI I wont last.

    • Karan

      Gutthi is a Sunil’s creation, he was performing Gutthi way before Kapil arrived in the scene with CNWK. Dumb Kapil fan!

  • rookie8155

    Mad in India, first eposide was extremly disappointing and boring.

  • Bhaijaan

    MAD IN INDIA would just help CNWK with a higher TRP rating since it is a 3rd grade attempt by sunil and co, a cheapshow with forced laughter laughter, sunil as chutki is very irritating and he is boring has just a couple of tricks.it lacks the entertainment factor which kapil’s show has and as always Immitation is the best form of flattery. Baap to Kapil hi rahega

  • frefrefre

    mad in india flop show

  • Robab Ali

    cheap mad in india stands no chance for CNWK.Kapil doesnt need to sabotage!

  • Hitesh

    When kapil left CC there were lot of comedians who are far better than sunil even though Kapil is Kapil. With his sheer talent and hard work he got the success. Even sunil has said that kapil is the one who groomed him as comic actor so those who think that sunil can be better than kapil have no sense of acting and comedy. Well MII is nothing in front of CNWK.

  • pradipta

    you r forgetting one thing Mr. Talreja, Kapil can’t sabotage sunil’s show even if he wants to, because the shows air at different times, in fact sunil’s show airs before his so he has the first chance to impress the viewers. So ppl can watch both the shows, if they want.

  • dinky

    If the two shows aired at the same time, then the sabotage thing would have made sense……so your point is invalid and totally out of some personal hatred you harbour for kapil sharma.

  • PG

    Thats such a childish article. The two shows have a totally different time slot so how can one sabotage the other. Mr Vinod Talreja just grow up and be a responsible journalist rather than ranting any crap.

  • Karan

    LOL! Insecure Kapil fans attacking on MII.

    • Deepak

      Karan, are you media person for Sunil Grover, or just brain dead!! … BTW this so very talented sunit grover of yours has been around for 10 years, why could he make a mark for him until Kapil gave him Guthi to play.. and what does he do with that….run off, pirates Guthi into Chutki and kills the act .. LOL

      • Men0608 .

        Absolutely right Deepak…there is no point arguing with him…If he calls MII a comedy show which will run laugh riot then he really doesn’t understand comedy…BTW m fan of both Kapil and Sunil Grover…but Sunil should have not quit CNWK…thought MII will b an extra fun for us to enjoy but alas the first episode was terrible…hope it pick up in upcoming episodes but one thing sure it wont reach the heights of CNWK…coz first impression is last impression…

      • Karan

        You Kapil fanboys are really delusional. Do I have to remind you Gutthi is Sunil’s own character? He was doing it before the start of CNWK which has now turned into Crappy Nights With Kapil.

        Kapil was also around for 10 years! Nobody knew him before the CNWK too! Your point? Comedy aside, Kapil can’t even hold a candle in front of Sunil when it comes to their acting skills.

        And Kapil was not PAYING him the money he deserved. He demanded a promotion which he DESERVED! If you think he’s not the 2nd biggest reason behind Kapil to make that show famous, then you are not serious. And please, ask your Kapil to pay his staff in time!

  • Karan

    You dumb Kapil fans talking about “COPY”! Well CNWK itself is a loose copy of a British show!

  • akanksha jainth

    i am a great fan of sunil and kapil, i watched mad in india’s first episode but unfortunately it was a big disappointment, it was big relief that cnwk and mii has different time slots but now i guess its cnwk all the as they say first impression is the last one so wont waste my time on mii

  • memercy

    Never a fan of comedy till I heard Kapil, Sunil was OK as a part of Kapil’s show but his own show MII is miserable and stupid. Baba Ramdev said better jokes than Sunil or Manish. Kapil has instant wit and sense of humour unmatched by any I have seen so far. Plus is is so sincere and down to earth.

  • Nikhilesh

    I respect your opinion but this article makes no sense as these two shows are not gonna air on the same time line so it doesn’t matter what kapil does. If people wanna watch Mad in India they will no matter how great kapil show is on that day and that is exactly what happnd. People watched Mad in India and din’t like it. Period. Kapil even talked good about MII, so this conspiracy theory thing is bullshit.

  • users
  • Gulshan

    Mad in India is really flop. If Sunil does not improve the show in next 2 episodes, Star Plus will kick him out. Dhobi ka kutta ban ke rah gaya bechara, na comedy nights ka, na mad in india ka :( Sad to see that such a briallaint actor is ruining his career this way…

  • Nigel Khan

    I was expecting much more from Mad In India. But it was bad. Within few mins I switched the channel and lost intesrest in the show. On the contrary, Kapil’s episode after some time had something funny to offer. We watched it and then went to sleep. I think Sunil made a mistake by moving out of comedy nights. You may be a good actor, better comedian, but marketing, working towards TRP and viewership, connecting with celebrities is a different skill altogether. I think Sunil is lacking it and they are Kapil’s strong points. There are lakhs of comedians performing in theatres and orchestra shows, but only one like Kapil succeeds independently. May be it’s a different skill tha comedy. Sunil could have mastered it and then started on his own.

  • abhi

    mii what a boring show, wasted my time in search of a comedy in mii show.