4 things Priyanka Chopra can’t survive without on the sets of Quantico

Priyanka Chopra is coming back in her action avatar with Quantico season 2. The season premiere is set to hit the small screens in 4 days and we are so excited see to Alex Parris back in action again. And this time Alex is facing way more trouble than last time. She is all geared up to join CIA in Quantico season 2. Whoa! Priyanka is giving her 100 % to this series. In a new promotional teaser for Quantico season 2 premiere, the actress reveals the 4 things she cannot live without on the sets of Quantico.

Quantico season 2 has shifted base to New York this time. Yep! Alex Parrish will be securing the Big Apple this time. In the video she reveals that the first thing she cannot live without is- no points for guessing, her boots. Well, Alex Parrish does run a lot. A lot. And also, she has to deliver some mean kicks that shatter the bones of enemies of the states. While doing so, you also gotta bring in that flair of glamour too. So yea, boots are one essential part of Priyanka’s Quantico routine.

The next thing that Priyanka Chopra reveals to be not able to live without, is her script. Quantico’s narration is non-linear. The narration keeps jumping back and forth in time, so of course it is very normal to lose track of what is happening for the actors. To cope with this, PeeCee has a big pile of scripts with all the details of time jumps to refer to, which in her own words, she calls Quantico bible. Yep this Quantico bible comes in very handy when Priyanka has to remember “what’s happenin?”

Then, despite of not being a dessert fan, Priyanka cannot live without the craft. A big cart of edible goodies, mostly deserts, is Priyanka’s favourite. The actress has earlier said that she is a foodie, so this choice was also pretty obvious. We wonder what does the collection of desserts actually include?

And finally the cast. Priyanka has made some very good friends on the sets of Quantico. Yasmine Al Massri who plays Nimah and her identical twin, became such a good friend with Priyanka that she came along with her to India for a vacation recently. Aww…The rest of the cast includes Josh Hopkins, Jake McLAughlin, Anjanue Ellis, Tate Ellington who all are pretty good friends with Priyanka.

Watch out this space for more updates on Quantico season 2