5 lessons we learnt from Ek Villain’s success

5 lessons we learnt from Ek Villain’s success

Here’s how the movie managed to break records and crack the box-office

Mohit Suri’s Ek Villain has made a record of being one of the fastest films to touch the Rs 50 cr mark in three days. Not only did the film open big, but its collection grew by leaps and bounds in coming days. We look at 5 lessons one can learn from the film’s enormous success and how young actors Sidharth Malhotra and Shraddha Kapoor have become popular with the youngsters…

- Music is the king

Mohit Suri has an unbeatable track record of having Chartbusters on every single film album. He not only sits on all his music sessions but plays an imp part in picking the right tunes. He has a great ear for melody. There is a joke that Mohit might skip a party but if he knows of a musician with a hot tune he will travel the world to meet him! Galliyaan proved to be the Tum Hi Ho of Ek Villain and has dominated the music charts ever since its release.

- Break the stereotype

Riteish Deshmukh as the villain was a smart move. No one ever saw this versatile actor who’s till now sparkled in adult comedies do somethin as dark as Ek Villain. Mohit and Ekta broke the stereotype by casting Riteish as the villain. It was not only a risk but also going against the grain in casting him as the baddie. The first look and poster painted a picture of Riteish that one has never seen before.

- Keep them guessing

The whole marketing and publicity plan of the film was on the guessing game – who is the real villain ? They even floated a version in the end that Shraddha might be the vamp. This curiosity only heightened the excitement levels of the audience. The promotional activities, especially the impromptu music concert early on was a genius move to increase the buzz around the film.

- Casting Coup

Getting Sidharth Malhotra to play the lead was genius. The role has initially gone to Arjun Kapoor who refused it on grounds that it was too negative. Today Sid is having the last laugh. He took a risk early on in his career and it paid off brilliantly. The stubble, his brooding look and chemistry with Shraddha worked in the film’s favour. Also casting Kamal R Khan (@KRK) as Riteish’s boss worked in creating the right amount of buzz on social media.

- Have a bold producer

With Ekta’s vision and Mohit’s creativity the film got all the support it needed. Ekta trusted Mohit and unlike her reputation she took a backseat and let him go all out with his vision. Don’t be surprised if the producer decides to sign Suri for a couple of more films.Subscribe to me on YouTube


  • Rahul

    I couldnt see what the hype was about….Ek Villain was not that cool

  • Trina

    what a flop movie! disappointed to the max! Also, arjun kapoor would’ve done a WAY better job than Sid the cardboard face would! that fight sequence would’ve been amazing had it been an actor who can act execute it. Sid you cannot act. Please go back to modelling or whatever you are good at!

    • Abhishek B

      I totally agree you with the fight scene. It looked more of a dance than a fight. Ranveer or Arjun would have done his part way way better. Ritiesh had pathetic dialogues too, who says ‘i love you’ to a news channel and its eventually filmly style seen by the right actor outside a television shop.
      He kills the victim and snatches their jewellery but doesnt have money to pay the autowalas. like wtf moment.
      I still havent seen the korean version “I saw the devil” but soon Im gonna and start winging more.

      I know our words wouldnt make a difference and producers are laughing all the way. But atleast make a powerful movie. Make us janta want to watch it twice for the brilliance not complain about it. Very very dissapointed

    • Rahul

      hahhahaha ;D The boredom reflects on arjun’s face is far better than ur views on Sid’s Acting :P

      ACTING WISE sid is better than arjun varun and all crappy actors :v

    • trish

      if u cant say good words for someone then just stay away…he has a huge fan following…dont spread negativity here

  • Aslam Gadkari

    For those who have not seen Korean movie ‘I Saw A Devil’, it’s Super Hit. But who has seen this it’s ordinary. And I have watched the original. Take a time, watch the original and you will come to know how Mohit Suri spoiled it. Barring music I still prefer the original movie ” I Saw The Devil “. It’s masterpiece.

    • tariana

      i totally agree with you the original rocked :)