5 signs that indicated Shah Rukh Khan-Karan Johar fallout was inevitable!

5 signs that indicated Shah Rukh Khan-Karan Johar fallout was inevitable!

SRK’s friendship with KJo is no longer the same and while many find it hard to digest the fact that their dosti has gone kaput, we list down 5 signs that predicted the big fallout was coming sooner than later…

Fallout with Priyanka ?

Karan Johar and Shah Rukh Khan were best buddies until the latter took to Twitter and wrote something unfaltering about the Exotic babe. This happened in 2012 when rumours about Khan and Priyanka being more than just friends did the rounds. A leading tabloid back then quoted PC’s friend who defended the actress and also hinted that Johar had been bitching about her. Later, the Dharma head  honcho wrote on Twitter, “Using their hired PR machinery and hiding behind so called friends to get news into tabloids is nothing but spineless and lame.” This whole episode didn’t go down well with the Chennai Express actor and his friendship with Karan soured.

Best friends with Salman

The same year SRK’s best buddy got all friendly with his arch rival Salman Khan. In December 2012, the Kuch Kuch Hota Hai director attended the premiere of Dabangg 2 and was seen bonding big time with the Bhai of Bollywood. He made his presence felt at Sohail Khan’s birthday bash as well and bonded with Sallu at the party once again. This surely widened the rift between King Khan and his jigri dost Karan Johar.

Professional panga

Gauri Khan’s hubby and KJo last teamed up for My Name Is Khan which released in 2010. The duo since then hasn’t worked together. While Johar went on to launch new faces in Bollywood, Shah Rukh decided to work with other filmmakers. In fact, Johar will now be working with Salman and Aamir Khan in his next projects and as for SRK, the superstar has quite a few films lined-up but none with his once-upon-a-time best buddy.

No Koffee with Shah Rukh Khan

This year SRK missed the controversial Koffee couch and that got tongues wagging. That’s not all! What really grabbed attention was the fact that the Bhai of Bollywood opened the fourth season of Karan’s chit chat show Koffee with Karan. Then we saw Aamir Khan making his debut on the show which only added fuel to the already raging fire.

SRK gets sarcastic

The Bombay Velvet baddie decided to watch FIFA finals this year despite knowing nothing about the game. The KWK host even tweeted, “Am officially pronouncing myself a wannabe…watching the match only because the world is.” SRK, who is known for his witty sense of humour, jumped in and tweeted, “It’s ok to accept. V all like what’s ‘happening’. Just so u know Germany in White Argentina in Blue. The round thing is the ball.” We know King Khan likes joking around but in this case it seemed sarcasm.Subscribe to me on YouTube


  • aisha

    Karan’s relationship with others stars like kareena , kajol and imran has soured too. The guy is such a drama queen.

    • Milli

      I don’t think he actually knows how to maintain personal relationships.

  • jagrati tiwari

    every one is emancipated to do whatever he likes..

  • YashiMom

    Did you not hear when Karan said that he will never let SRK go off? Karan is playing more producer than director. he cannot sign SRK in every movie.

  • Daniela Nocove

    These items are stupid. And Karan said he has tired of being asked questions about his relationship with Shah Rukh and you are talking about the same topic. You seek not frescan news instead of talking about what you do not know.

  • SherryM.d

    At least Karan was being loyal to gauri as he should. While pc thought she could break up SRK and GAURI marriage. And SRK was busy with silly pc.

  • Saifisnotgay

    There are spineless and hurtful people who do not mind breaking families.. Sridevi did it to Arjun Kapoors mother, Priyanka is made of the same cloth. Seems She does not care how her actions are going to hurt Gauri, his children and Srk himself. This is extreme ego centric behavior that costs other people thier joy and peace. I would not be judging PC if Karan had not made this stuff public. So forgive me PC if you think i am a hater, i am not. PC was my most favorite film personality. Well poised, beautiful and a winner. So i am sad that PC did what she did, she was the best rival to kareena- i wanted PC to win damnit. I always had the dance of envy thing with bebo ;) Now i liike kareena, she is slightly silly, blissfully ignorant and in love with herself (well not that much now, shes so REal now) but she is still sweet – even if she is mean. Long live kareena and saif – the ambassadors of cute+authenticity+cool. Saif……i love that subtle british twang in your accent, its unstudied and so right! Lol i get paid nothing for praising these actors. Bs

  • Saifisnotgay

    Srk do something about your vanishing hair situation dude, your hair was your usp….without it you look deficient and weak and sad. I love the job you got done though…you face shape looks good