5 similarities between Mohit Suri’s Ek Villain and Korean film I Saw The Devil

5 similarities between Mohit Suri’s Ek Villain and Korean film I Saw The Devil

With so many similarities in the plot, we wonder why the filmmaker been in a denial mode all along…

Filmmaker Mohit Suri has always denied that his film Ek Villain is inspired by the Korean film – I Saw The Devil. However, after watching both the films we found five shocking similarities between the two films. I Read on to find out these similarities and let us know if you agree with us.

Storyline: The basic plot of Mohit’s Ek Villain and Park Hoon-Jung’s I Saw The Devil is same. The psychotic serial killer murders the lead protagonist’s lady love. Thus the hero is eventually seeking vengeance. The only difference is that Sidharth Malhotra’s character is Ek Villain is a gangster while the protagonist (Lee Byung-hun) in Korean film is an agent in the National Intelligence Service.

Scenes: There is one similar scene in both the films where serial killers (Riteish Deshmukh – Ek Villain and Choi Min-sik – I Saw The Devil) are admitted in the hospital due to some injuries. Both attack a nurse in the hospital only to be saved by the hero of the film.

Turning point: The criminals in both the films are random serial killers. They kill random victims and hence have no idea about why they are being chased by the male protagonist. In both these films it was the killer’s friend who helps them identify the real reason to be chased.

Death of the leading heroine: In both these films the heroine gets killed in the first few minutes of the film.

Killing the girl’s father: To attract the protagonist’s attention, the real villains in both these films targeted the heroine’s father.Subscribe to me on YouTube


  • Avya Singh

    Besides a handful of exceptions most bollywood films do not have an original script

    • najatlovekiss

      i think you are right

  • jiyopunjab

    Nice One, But still loves Ek Villain

    • ram

      lol u never watched “i SAW THE DEVIL” .if u had .U didnt understand the movie.Its more complex and thrilling than tha rip off-Ek Villain

      • Sidharth

        As if you had seen the movie before it’s been compared with Ek Villain? Funny !!!

  • Saptarshi Saha

    I Saw The Devil is a crackling 2010 horror-thriller full of elegantly executed ultraviolence, a gore-fest so deftly handled it remains impossible to look away from. and It’s really complex.

  • Rosy

    My story was better thou…i thought Sidharth had multiple personality and Ritesh was a figment of his imagination………..i also thought Sidharth killed Shradha ……

  • Sunil Yonzon Lama

    Its like Ragu said in one of his Tedex presentation. Indian media always copies from other media, there is no originality in them yet they are so full of themselves saying mera bharat mahan and all. From bigboss, jalakdeklaja, many other movies all are copied common british empire already helped you enough wasn’t that enough .

    • rose

      i agree that most bwood movies are copied..but bigg boss and jhalak dikh la ja are indian versions of the international format- they are not copies.

  • rose

    Badlapur was copy of I saw the Devil. Ek Villain was also a copy of that same movie. Aishwarya Rai’s new movie Jazbaa is also a copy of a korean movie..lol. Even hollywood copied korean movies- the departed.