5 things that made Deepika Padukone the reigning queen of Bollywood

5 things that made Deepika Padukone the reigning queen of Bollywood
Yogen Shah

Did Dippy’s film choices change her position in B-town or did her endorsement deals made her the most bankable heroine? Read on to find out!

It won’t be wrong if we say Deepika Padukone has been the star of 2013 and 2014. The leggy lass gave four back to back hits in the form of Race 2 , Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani, Chennai Express and Goliyon Ki Raasleela Ram-Leela. All the four films bought her immense accolades, a number of awards and most importantly the tag of No 1 female actor in Bollywood.

We wonder besides immense talent, what else brought the dusky beauty to the No.1 spot. Was it her changed attitude towards work or was it her past experiences with people within the film industry? When Deepika was asked about her work plans, the leggy actor optimistically said “My focus is on doing good work, working with good filmmakers, taking up challenging roles and being able to pull them off.”

Here are our reasons why we think Dippy is on the numero uno position…

Superhits at the box officeRanveer Singh’s ladylove had a successful run at the box office. Deepika after the release of her films was spotted at various events and with much more confidence and spark. Don’t you agree with us peeps?

Endorsement deals – Dippy recently hit headlines when apparently she was offered Rs 6 crore for endorsing a leading cola brand besides other multiple brands that she endorses. By far Deepika is the highest paid female actor in terms of endorsements followed by Priyanka Chopra who is paid Rs 5.5 – Rs 6 crore and Katrina Kaif who is paid around Rs 5 –Rs 6 crore for brand endorsements.

Ranbir Kapoor-Deepika Padukone break up – Deepika has time and again claimed that she has learnt a lot from her previous relationship with Ranbir Kapoor and has since then been guarding her personal life. Probably this is one of the main reasons why she has never admitted to being in a relationship with her Ram-Leela co-star Ranveer Singh. When Ms Padukone appeared on Koffee with Karan with PeeCee, she admitted that when she was with the Kapoor lad, her entire life revolved around him which left her with very little time for herself. However, now she claims that she has learned to be more focused on work and also keep her personal life away from the public view.

Her not so kind colleagues – The Ram Leela actor has time and again been a target by her contemporaries in B-town. Recently when Sonam Kapoor appeared on Koffee with Karan with Anil Kapoor, the fashionista said that Deepika has an over-enthusiastic PR team and has no dressing sense of her own. Also, it’s not a lesser known fact that Deepika is not on very good terms with her ex’s current alleged girl friend Katrina Kaif. With so much happening around, the Shahrukh Khan’s Happy New Year co-star has decided to keep them at par and concentrate on work. When Deepika was asked to comment on Sonam’s remarks, she refused to comment. Also, such remarks might help Deepika’s over enthusiastic PR team to stay in the media limelight! Wink, wink!

Ranveer Singh – Her Ram Leela co-star seems to have got happiness to the actor’s life and also a few big budget films. Rumors are rife that Ranveer and Deepika will apparently pair up again for Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s Bajirao Mastani. Deepika had even said, “I hope whatever film Ranveer and I do next is as good as or even better than Ram Leela.” Way to go Deepika, we must say!Subscribe to me on YouTube


  • ewt63w

    Kya baat hain deepikalife.com, seems like ur boss cheapika is paying u nicely

    • sunita

      and how much Katrina is paying u ???

      Deepika we ol luv u

      • najatlovekiss

        Katrina doesn’t pay them, if she does they will be saying nice things about her, Katrina is who’ she is, she doesnt need to pay ,someone to say nice things about her, do you see other actress doing this stupidity, other then deepika

        • Meena Devi

          ohh really you think kat is nice person.get a life if she was so nice then she never ditched sallu for ranbir…and she says rubish about our indian culture and industry and we people dont have idea abt international designs……so nice she is…..firangi..hai aur firagi that’s y sallu insulted her on bigg boss

          • myright23 .

            Meena Devi shut up you know nothing kat is innocent.remind me when did she said something bad about deepika. deepika is the one who always plays the victim and also she is the one who comment bad about kat&RK pics on the beach. Kat never said something bad about anyone. 2014 won’t be deepika year trust me coz gungana and Alia is waay better than her this year. She has no talent

          • EE

            What will the cat say to DP? She was guilty of cheating with and stealing her boyfriend , she had no words to say

          • Meena Devi

            yeah kat so talented when comes to stealing…even she said she is way beautiful than ash when she was with sallu…i thought what she is beautiful who done so many surgeries to look younger and attractive and she is same age as ranbir….ohhh so funny that’s y dipps asks her passport …to see her real age who is not younger she says everyone…so funny na..in this type of things she is very talented….that’s y she dont have that impressive role in Dhoom 3…and she stoled beyonce and britney spears designs and used in kamli…song…so talented…

          • arohi

            yeah her biggest talent came when she leaked her own bikini pics to gain attention. she is so cheap

          • Meena Devi

            deepika never used someone to enter into bollywood na like kat used sallu to enter into bollywood n what she never said bad about deepika i think u should check google see their how she tried to end deepika career…even she stole some endorsements from deepika i think u should shut your mouth ..even kat pressuring ranbir to leave his parents and live with her…so who is mean kat..deepika…think twice before making some one bad just for english women..who behave bad and rude to media and to our society..till now she dont speak in hindi whenever she promote her so called movie..so talented she is..

          • qttq3y

            Cheapika kicked nihal as soon as she saw ranbir.

          • arohi

            worst is boomrina who sleep with rk when she was dating salman

          • arohi

            ummm she said shut up to deepika, innocent word is to fake for a sarcastic player like boomrina. alia is not even at standard of deepika, she is female emran hashmi.

        • arohi

          yeah she is porn star hahahaha. pay her pr team to leake her bikini pics to gain attention, characterless person she is

  • Iman Ali

    Deepika khdi queen bn rae h bkwass filman hit kia ho gae glti sy , shokhi ho rae h, bt she does not have royal personality like Katrina Kaif, cheapika chui si bchi e reh jae gy cannot rule for long run, dakhna 2014 men kase flop pe flops ati h chui cheapika ki

    • EE

      Really hard to read what u have written, learn English and then come back

    • arohi

      yeah your boomrina is very royal when it comes to leaking her own bikini pics. atleast deepika is here bcz of her talent and hard work not like your porn star who survived on hits given by akshay. and ofcrx by her skin show. your boomrina is a pathetic personality.

  • Terminator

    Kangana’s queen performance was 10 times better than deepika… Deepika still needs to learn a lot.. For what reasons people are overhyping her? Sonakshi did 3 100 crores in 2012.. Deepika still is a baby in front of actresses like priyanka, vidya and kareena…

    Deepika in 2013 honestly didn’t had any competition except for sonakshi…she was competing with actresses such as sonam kapoor,sharadha kapoor,parineeti chopra for best actress..Do you think an average actress like deepika would hv won a prestigious award like Filmfare if priyanka,vidya ,kareena had a good year…

    Vidya,kajol ,kareena can still do better than these casting couch actresses like deepika,anushka,katrina.

    • guest

      While I kind of see where you are coming from (because I used to think the same)… I think it is a bit unfair that you’re taking away from her performances. The fact of the matter is, Vidya, Priyanka and Kareena (and i’m a fan of some of them too) DIDN’T have good movies/performances this year. An actress doesn’t control her competitors work, she can only control how she delivers…and she most certainly did. She did a complete 180 and pulled of a strong performance in each film. Don’t take that away from her.

      • Terminator

        Dude 100 crores is not a big deal these days.. 2 states even with below averages actors as the leading cast is gonna gross 70 cr. at indian box office..

        U seriously think deepika ram leela was better than sonakshi’s lootera… Lootera may have been a flop but she was phenomenal… Deepika has worked hard but people like u are overhyping her.. plz she didn’t gave the all 4 blockbusters on her own .. Strong perfomance..

        Hv u seen chennai express, race 2 ..she was p.a.t.h.e.t.i.c in both.. ranbir outclassed her in yjhd… Ramleela was a major hit bcoz of ranveer-deepi chemistry. not bcoz she carried movie on her shoulder..

        • guest

          Did I even mention anything about how much money each of her films made? No. Personally, I don’t care for box office. I don’t even know how much they make as I am from outside of India.

          Yes, I PERSONALLY feel that Deepika was better than Sonakshi. I think Lootera was by far the best movie in it’s entirety (aka screenplay) but performance wise I thought Deepika pulled off characters that were completely different. Again, this is my own opinion and everyone is entitlted to their own. If you believe Sonakshi was better, then great…more power to you.

          Yes, I’ve seen Chennai Express, Race 2 and YJHD…I thought she was great in CE and YJHD. Personally, I did not like Race 2. However, they were not by any means “p.a.t.h.e.t.i.c.” And, I completely disagree about Ranbir “outclassing” Deepika. I don’t think either performance from either actor was top notch because their characters were very subtle. And yes, I agree their chemistry was amazing and the star of the show. FYI, no movie can be a hit JUST by the actors in it. A film can not succeed (whether success is defined by box office collections, accolades, critics comments or the love from the audience) just by an actors performance…it’s a team effort. The performance is just icing on the cake.

          You can think whatever you want, all I said in response to you was not to take away from the performances she put on the screen this year. I never stated that you should like one actresses or performance more than another.

        • arohi

          why you people are targeting deepika. in ce she got more praise than srk even got jury award for best actress. race2 she had sexy seductive look. atleast better than Katrina who had 5 min role in dhoom3. and yeah her ramleela performance was phenomenol as she got praised by other celebrities as well. just your opinion is not going to change fact that deepika is kick ass performer.

    • fat smith

      I love deepika but I agree with u. Sonakshi in Lootera was way more deserving of the filmfare award than deepika in ram leela. She is growing but compared to vidya and priyanka she is just a baby. Even sonakshi and parineeti are better actresses than deepika. However #1 actress is often linked more to boxoffice success rather than talent. Take Katrina who can’t act to save her life but has been in top 3 for years. Gone are the hema malini, sridevi and madhuri days when #1 actresses actually had to have talent. Sridevi for example was a complete package. Her acting , dancing and boxoffice pull was flawless. We need to have such a #1 actress again.

      • arohi

        deepika ramleela performance was superb and she deserved the filmfare award, even pecee said that deepika deserves best actor award. vidya balan is just certain actress who cant understand how to select film sometime she comes out lucky and sometimes total flop. I think in 2013 filmfare pecee was more deserving than vidya bcz even kareena, priyanka can play roe of 6 months preggo woman looking for her hubby, but not every girl can play role of mentally challenged girl that much flawlessly as pecee did so at that time I think filmfare were unjustifying.

  • guest

    Yes, I agree with you that she is currently the queen of Bollywood. However, the problem is that it will only last for a short period of time. It’s not like actresses in Bollywood have serious career longevity. If only the shelf life of actress in bollywood wasn’t like…8 years?! I’m getting real tired of it…luckily we have a talented bunch and times are changing.

  • aisha

    Dp is good but the way she’s hyped by the media is unhealthy. It takes more than 4 block buster movies to ascertain the prospects of ones career, no doubt she is a star n probably has a bright feature but we all know there’s an obsession of giving titles to pple in bollywood & sites like these r trying to force it down our throats.
    It takes more than an actor to make a hit movie, there r so many other factors involved. I would like to see her carry on a movie on her shoulders, make it a hit without any big co stars & deliver a powerful performance, then she will truly deserve the crown. Money isn’t everything.

  • najatlovekiss

    Mr deepika stop paying people to say things that is untrue , if you are good as your PR says then show it and stop this stupidity

  • JustSayin’

    I LOVE Deepika, but I’m afraid that this overexposure is gonna harm her career. I hope I’m wrong, but the thing is people might get tired of her (just as they got tired of Priyanka and Kareena in the past). She needs to be extra careful in her next moves

  • shalma

    Yes honestly deepika is a very good and beautiful actress but its just for a short time if she will continue like that in a long time then I will say that she is the n°1!! Not now!! So plz stop say that she is the queen of Bollywood !!