5 ways in which Shah Rukh Khan slayed us with the new Raees teaser

The hashtag #Raeestraileraarahahai has been trending all over social media platforms since evening. Shah Rukh Khan has hit the ball out of the park, once again, with the new Raees teaser. This new video was released to announce the trailer launch date of the film. And going by how the teaser plays out, we all should save the date, December 7, in our calendars. SRK has successfully managed to get everyone talking about the trailer release of Raees. And we are no exception. We are also totally bowled over by the short video. The teaser has impressed us, and in many ways. This teaser speaks volumes of how awesome Raees trailer is going to be, and kudos to the makers for sending out the message so perfectly. But here are 5 things that grabbed our attention the most in this short video

Shah Rukh Khan’s look

We agree SRK is a quintessential romantic hero. But in my honest opinion, King Khan plays all those characters with dark shades way better. There is literally no one who could have done Darr better than him. The teaser of the film gives a feeling that SRK’s character won’t be all rainbows and butterflies. But instead will have a violent and darker edge. Fans totally dig the grey shade role. The close up shot of the actor in the teaser is just mind blowing, and his intense eyes pierce through hearts. We bet many fans will have the close up as their wallpaper on phones. Also Read: Shah Rukh Khan gives fans a perfect tease ahead of Raees trailer release

Shah Rukh Khan’s voice

How to not get goosebumps on hearing SRK’s deep sexy voice – is a brilliant book idea, and it will sell a million copies. Though we are sure there won’t be a solution in the book, and the title would be a mere clickbait. SRK’s voice mesmerizes once again in the new teaser. And top it off with the thrilling music playing in the background, it can give you goosebumps.

The new footage revealed

Raees’ new video not only reveals the release date of the trailer, but also reveals new footage from the film. Yep! Ahead of the trailer release we get a closer look Miya Bhai’s life. We know he is a celebrated personality in the film. He is being showered with rose petals as fans stand around him cheering for him. Also Read: 11 stills of Shah Rukh Khan from Raees teaser that left us hypnotised

Ab To Aa Hi Raha Hoon

Shah Rukh Khan begins the teaser by saying “Maloom hai kabse keh raha hoon ki aa raha hoon” and is quite on point with that. Raees is already a big hit for its dialogues, and let’s remember that the film is not even out yet. The dialogues in the first teaser are on everyone’s lips and even generated a series of memes. “Miyan Bhai ki daring” and all, remember? Shah Rukh gives yet another impressive dialogue as he ends the new teaser and says “Ab to aa hi raha hoon.”

The announcement of live interaction

Usually trailer launches take place at one venue where the cast and crew interact with select media. But you gotta break the norm when you are releasing the trailer of the biggest film of the coming year. So, Shah Rukh won’t just be present at one venue but various select theaters at once. We know most of you consider SRK no less than a superhero but still lets talk logic. How will he be present at all places at once? Well, digital platforms is the answer. He will interact with media, do a Q&A through facetiming, in simple words. Still, it will be quite a task, and we are eagerly waiting to see how he carries it out.

What was it about the new Raees teaser that impressed you the most? Tell us in comments below.