Posted Wed, July 16, 2014 12:40pm IST

On Kat’s birthday, we bring you the gal at her sexiest best

Katrina Kaif has smoldering looks to kill for. She is not one to involve herself in every photoshoot opportunity that comes her way but when she does, Katrina never misses to astound her fans with her sexiness!

On her birthday we handpick some of her best photoshoot outcomes and also ask her why she doesn’t do such work more often! Katrina’s glamour quotient is unparalleled; she looks like a girl-next-door yet radiates regality, and never fails to look drool-worthy on all those covers she features on!

Always looking like a million bucks, Katrina chooses to have a comfortable sense of style and is never dressed pretentiously. Even when spotted at airports or intimate gatherings, Katrina dresses subltly. The lovely lady believes in keeping it chic yet minimal and even in her covershoot photos Kat’s looks aren’t blown out of proportion. Nevertheless, her cover photos look larger than life and that’s because of the innate glamourous quality that Kat possesses.

The gorgeous dame who has countless men eating out of the palm of her hand is actually reclusive and reserved in real life. With only a handful of really close friends in the film industry, Katrina has come a long way! The leggy lass has an ethereal quality mixed with strength of mind that made her the first Indian actor to be a part of the Rs 200-crore film club.

Take a look at Kat at her best on some of our favourite cover pics and tell us what you think about the birthday girl!