A look at Shahrukh Khan and Kajol’s special relationship!

Posted Mon, March 10, 2014 1:53pm IST

While talking about SRK’s filmi career, it would be absolutely unfair if we didn’t mention the dusky beauty Kajol and vice versa. In fact, off screen too, these two actors share an amazing rapport. However, not so long ago things weren’t great between Bollywood’s best romantic pair but looks SRK-Kajol are back to being close pals

There is no denying the fact that Shahrukh Khan and Kajol’s onscreen chemistry is unmatchable even today. The duo has worked together only in six films but none of them disappointed the audience.

Khan and Kajol first paired up together in 1993 for Baazigar which was a thriller. While the film became a blockbuster, it also gave Bollywood its best romantic pair. In 1995, the sizzling jodi returned to silver screen with Karan Arjun and yet again charmed the movie goers. Don’t we all remember the song Jaati hoon main wherein King Khan flirted with his onscreen ladylove in hatke style? After doing just two films together, Shahrukh and his Baazigar co-star were touted as the best couple in Bollywood…of course on 70mm. In the same year came Aditya Chopra’s Dilwale Dhulaniya Le Jayenge which re-wrote box office history thanks to Shahrukh and Kajol’s crackling chemistry. It became the longest running film in the history of Indian cinema and the biggest blockbuster of that decade. With that SRK-Kajol earned the tag of ‘most loved onscreen couple’ which remains till date.

If that wasn’t enough, the hit pair teamed up again for Karan Johar’s debut directorial venture Kuch Kuch Hota Hai which redefined love in Bollywood. Later, we saw this powerful jodi in KJo’s family drama Kabhie Khushi Khabie Gham and then seven years later in My Name Is Khan. While this hit jodi swept away most of the awards every time they came together for a film, off screen the Happy New Year actor and Ajay Devgn’s wifey became best buddies and couldn’t stop praising each other. While talking about her equation with the Baadshah of Bollywood, the B-town beauty in one of her interviews had said, “I am in awe of him, he is my buddy, we almost started off together, and everything we have done has made us come close. He is kind and will always take care about the problems of his friends. He is a person who is very easy to discuss and talk with. He likes to help people. For me he is a very special human being.”

Gauri Khan’s hubby dearest had something similar to say about his close pal Kajol. He said, “Well, our friendship has definitely grown a lot over the years. I guess what we have off screen just translates in front of the camera. I guess without each other we wouldn’t be where we are today! It’s really amazing how fast time passes and you don’t even realise it….its mind blowing!!”

But the golden pair of Bollywood, which had won millions of hearts over the years and even defeated the likes of Raj Kapoor-Nargis and Amitabh Bachchan-Rekha to win the most popular jodi title, got embroiled in controversy which changed the dynamics of their relationship. In 2012, Kajol’s hubby and Yash Raj Films locked horned when former’s Son of Sardar and latter’s Jab Tak Hain Jaan starring SRK released on the same day. The infamous legal battle between Devgn and YRF ended up affecting the friendship of Kuch Kuch Hota Hai’s co-stars. So much so that Tanishaa Mukherji’s sister wasn’t even invited to the premiere of JTHJ despite being Shahrukh’s jigri dost. Following this, the Fanaa actor was not invited for the special show arranged by Yash Raj Films to mark the first death anniversary of the late Yash Chopra. During the show, all the leading ladies of Yash Chopra films walked the ramp with the King Khan.

While we thought this friendship had gone kaput, looks like it isn’t. Recently, Khan and Kajol were seen bonding big time at a style awards function. That’s not all, the super hit jodi relived its DDLJ days and entertained the audience once again. And more than anybody else, it seems the duo had fun. Well, that’s what the pictures say, hai na? It’s good to see Shahrukh and Kajol back to being the way they were and hopefully we will see them together onscreen too. After all, their magic will never fail to woo us, no? We are keeping our fingers crossed, what about you Bollywoodlifers?Subscribe to me on YouTube


  • Shahahbdlla

    I love Shah Rukh Khan and Kajol ….

  • munas

    My two favorite people it always makes me happy to see them together and they always looks good together if only they are real life couple that will be so much better not that i don’t like shahrukh wife or kajol husband am just saying that because i enjoy when they are together

  • JC

    This couple needs to make another film again. It would be an event.

  • Guest

    Every time I see SRK/Kajol together,I feel young again,I fell like I’m in love again,it’s an amazing feeling,one more time pls!

  • Crackpot

    SRK and PC also shared a special relationship. SRK and PC was trying to create sometihing along the lines of Amitabh and Rekha fairy tale story but all had gone kaput when a wife’s timely suspicion came crashing the SRK and PC’s of love sans marriage…

    • Раиса Вербовецкая

      SRK and Priyanka have had an affair in life, SRK cheated on his wife with Priyanka , . Kajol and SRK were not lovers , just friends . I hope so.

      • MCS3295

        SRK and Priyanka neither had an affair nor shahrukh cheated gauri

        • Раиса Вербовецкая

          Had an affair and that’s a fact! Stop being blind!

          • krisi

            ooo really? why is so sure is a fact? because rubbish media said that? did you see them together or something ?I dont think so..she is his friend as other actress beliave it or not…stop talk rubbish stuped thinks

      • krisi

        if you really think SRK and Priyanka have affair then I think you are idiot !

        • Раиса Вербовецкая

          how naive you)))) funny and naive)) oh yeah, keep believing that SRK ideal, does not drink or smoke not make trouble, faithful to his wife (not even ring is everywhere and cries as he single) and Karan Johar wrote on tweeted Priyanka shameless, let’s trust believe, though I laugh)))

  • Rnoela Lorraine

    I’m glad they got this opportunity to be reunited and that they enjoyed it so much. Probably more of us than not would be thrilled to see another movie with Shah Rukh and Kajol together again in a semi-humorous romance story — or — any type movie as long as they are together and make us happy they way they always have. But finding the time when the two of them have their schedules open to make a movie together may not be so easy. Nonetheless, if they do manage it, I hope I live to see it. I’d be ecstatic!

  • Shahahbdlla

    Tlieqat very silly of some people

  • Shahahbdlla

    Bollywood Life garbage site and very silly

  • Shahahbdlla

    Shahahbdlla • an hour ago
    SRK Akpro greater than comments from some people stupid and very catty
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  • rowdy

    Look at her A*** in the first pic…..Disgusting Fatso.

  • krisi

    they are awesome jodi in movies and very good friends…Hope to see them again together :)

  • marzanna

    bardzo dobry artykul,kajol i srk maja w sobie tyle energi,u nas w kraju na takie pary mówimy ze sa pokrewnymi duszami

  • Pinki

    I am crazy for both best buddies and hotties of b town and can’t describe my love for them, just want them together….