Posted Tue, February 12, 2013 5:29pm IST

Cineswami is amazed at how Indian men are reacting to Poonam Pandey’s latest offer to give away her bikini

It is a well-known fact that Japanese men are rather partial to panties, especially if pre-worn by schoolgirls. It was a trend that began in the ’80s and came to a boil in the early ’90s with vending machines on Tokyo streets dispensing underwear supposedly fresh off the derrieres of Japanese schoolgirls. These machines eventually went off the streets and the used underwear shifted into the hallowed precincts of adult stores. Sadly, for the panty punters and sellers, in 1993, the Japanese government deemed it illegal to purvey this trade, leaving many sniffing thin air in thwarted dismay.

In case, gentle reader, you are wondering what a disquisition on Japan’s underwear obsession is doing in a Bollywood site, rest assured. There is infinite relevance, as led by the irrepressible Poonam Pandey. The inveterate attention-grabber attracts eyeballs by displaying her body for now as her acting chops cannot be seen yet since Nasha is yet to be released. Ms Pandey’s latest stunt is to offer her fans a bikini set, worn by her, of course while shooting Nasha. In a contest charmingly titled grabNASHAbikini, Ms Pandey is offering her Twitter fans the aforementioned undergarments in exchange for the best romantic message, for, yes, you guessed it right, Valentine’s Day.

If you thought that Indian men, unlike their Japanese brethren, disdained underwear, used or otherwise, you thought wrong. There has been an ejaculation of love on Twitter, with many men clamouring to lay their grubby hands on Poonam’s unmentionables. Some of the choicer messages to her:

“God was showing off when he created you”

“Getting a gift 4m ma dreamgal is d bikini of d most beautiful gal of d earth is the best 1.I luv u”

“I am an original romantic.. U just temme u wanna wear THE bikini n I wud fill the desert wid a sea”

“I wud evn jump of Mount Everest 2 get ur BIKINI! U n ur BIKINI rocks!”

“its the such feeling to grabNASHAbikini of ur worn that can’t be express by word!”

“Dear heart, Fall in love when you are ready Not when you are lonely .!”

“Ur damn hot:-) Ur princess to my heart… I’m feeling”

“Sea is for u & Waves r for me, Sun is for u & Lights r for me, Bikini is for u to wear but its only for me”

It would be churlish to comment on the language, spelling etc. The best way to enjoy these delights is to treat them as what they are – tumescent raw emotions. However, all of the above may appear a tad one-track. Never fear, India is not without her considerate gentlemen who prefer their own ladies to Ms Pandey. Here is one such gent:

“imao poonam bikini, i want to gift it to my gf, wanna see ponaam nasha in my gf body. Nasha he nasha hai”

It is now time for my medication.


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