Aamir Khan buys rights to papa’s films

The 3 Idiots star refused to produce films for many years because of what his father went through

Tahir Hussain, who died last year, launched 12 films between 1969 and 1994. Most of them did badly. No one in their right mind would have bought the rights to these today. After all, think of the movies on the list: Locket (Jeetendra, Rekha), Caravan (Jeetendra, Asha Parekh), Anamika (Sanjeev Kumar, Jaya Bhaduri), Madhosh (Reena Roy, Rakesh Roshan) and more of the kind. But no one accounts for a loving son, especially when the films have slipped from general memory. We hear that Aamir has bought the perpetual rights to 11 of the 12 films, all except the one that he himself starred in – the laugh-fest called Hum Hain Rahi Pyar Ke, co-starring Juhi Chawla. Why he did this is that emotion called love, which triumphs even through hard times. And times then were hard indeed, as Aamir recalls, since he and his family saw the results of failure first hand. The Khan kids – Aamir and brother Faisal – even had to deal with humiliation when they could not pay school fees! But all this is exactly why Aamir refused to get into production for so long, never mind that he had the funds and the clout to find money. Now, with so much of his father’s film repertoire in his hands, we wonder what he will do next, sentiment or business wise. But one thing we do know – Aamir has understood that famous Bollywood rule: It’s all about loving your family. After all, Papa kehte hain, no!