Aamir Dalvi – Top cop on television!

Aamir Dalvi, who plays Senior Inspector Kavi in the crime drama Hum Ne Li Hai Shapath – a story of hard nosed cops battling crime, on Life  Ok, talks about playing a cop, shooting at real locations and spending quality time with family

What is it like playing a cop in your new show, Hum Ne Li Hai Shapath? What does it allow you to do that a normal dramatic role doesn’t?

This is by far the most fun I have had playing a character. The show is shot at real locations, as opposed to other soaps that are shot indoors, on sets. So it’s a very real atmosphere, and we cannot have too many retakes, which makes it all the more challenging. There have been episodes where the people whom we shot with on the streets in real locations didn’t even know they were being filmed. So in that way it is really fulfilling for me as an actor.

Your character in the show, Inspector Kavi is quite entertaining. Tell us more about playing him….

I tried to play a cop in my own way. I have made him different in the sense that he doesn’t sound like a cop. I have made him a bit edgy and street smart; that reflects in his lingo and the way he is. He is very Mumbaiyya in his mannerisms and specialises in what we call ‘jhol-jhapata’ (scams). And playing Kavi is fun, since he is expert about the knowledge on the street; he is the one who goes the most undercover to investigate, and I have a ball playing wearing all the disguises!

What are some of the more interesting disguises you have used?

(Laughs) Only recently I was playing a bhajiwala, and I had a great time getting into the costume. We had fun creating the disguise this time. I’m wearing a dhoti and kurta, and sporting some thickly greased hair! I have also given him a squint, just to make the character more interesting. So overall, it was quite satisfying yet hilarious, as we actually had women coming to buy vegetables, thinking of me as an actual bhajiwala!

Sounds fun! So is this your absolute favorite role? You’ve played a number of characters through your career…

I would say that this is the second best character I have played. The first most memorable character that will always be special to me is Ishwar from Jeevan Saathi. It was special because I was acting without speaking, so it really inspired me to act without dialogues and helped improve my acting. And, of course, the feedback and appreciation from around the globe was quite humbling.

In an earlier interview you said that you wanted to spend more time with your kids…

In that respect, my wife has been my backbone and the one responsible for keeping our family together. For me, life is so hectic that I really don’t get as much time to spend with the kids as I would like. However, I was on a break for around eight months a little while ago and I made the most of it. I would do breakfast with them and drop them to school every day. It was a lot of fun! But again, work is work, and I cannot not give my best. It’s a price to pay, but considering that I love acting, the price is completely worth it!

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