Aamir in and as Disco Fighter? No way!

The idea of an entire movie revolving around an item number from Delhi Belly doesn’t appeal

The buzz is that Aamir Khan is going to do a full-fledged movie around Disco Fighter. Did you say ‘Who the heck is Disco Fighter?’ Been sleeping under a rock, have you? Disco Fighter is the character Aamir played in his cameo appearance in Delhi Belly. So the plan – or the buzz about the plan – is that he and his nephew Imran will star in the film to be directed by wifey Kiran Rao. Of course, there is no official confirmation yet of this and I, for one, am hoping he will deny it. ‘Cause I loved the song, but you know what they say about too much of a good thing being…well…not so good? That’s what I think about this one. Plus, the song worked because of the freshness of the idea. Doing it again will only make it stale. And, as I said earlier, it’s time Aamir started acting his age instead of playing a college student or a disco dancer…oops…fighter. Or maybe it’s time he started acting again and not dancing and singing like a younger – and thinner – hero would do. Whatever happened to those edgy films like Raakh? Or even Sarfarosh? Or 1947 Earth? Are you listening, Aamir?