Aamir Khan calls truce between warring South superstars Mohanlal and Mammootty

Yogen Shah

The Dhoom:3 baddie recently put an end to the cold war between Mohanlal and Mammootty. Read on to know how Aamir played the peacemaker between these two arch rivals

Few years back, Aamir Khan played the peacemaker between Salman Khan and Shahrukh Khan and tried to resolve their differences. This time the Satyamev Jayate host helped South superstars Mohanlal and Mammootty bury their hatchet. After brining onboard the Drishyam actor for promotions of his popular reality show down south, it seems Khan decided to try and end the rivalry between Mohanlal and Mammootty. Last week, we hear a dinner bash was held at the Iruvar actor’s house in Kochi and most of the Malayalam film industry’s bigwigs attended the party including Mammootty. Apparently, it was Kiran Rao’s hubby dearest who had invited the Pokkiri Raja actor at the Mohanlal’s residence. While talking to a tabloid, a source said, “Aamir made them meet and both Mohanlal and Mammootty greeted each other warmly. This has never happened in the past. They have been seen at several award functions but they never really talked to each other.”

Looks like the P.K. actor succeeded in his mission, hai na? In fact, Mohanlal and Mommootty even chatted for around three hours and discussed various things including movies. Well, we are glad that AK played the mediator between these two South actors and got them under one roof. We hope Aamir does same for his jigri dost Sallu and his once-upon-a-time friend SRK. Who knows he can get lucky second time around, no?Subscribe to me on YouTube


  • Zarine Khan

    Hey fucker admin… Therez nothing like a rivalry between Mammootty & Mohanlal… Fucker bollywoodlife give anything for there viewership….

  • Bollywoodlife Admin Ka Baap

    Idiot Admins… Mohanlal & Mammotty never fight each other…. they are thick friends…. they done 55 movies together, they last acted together in 2008… If u dont know about something just shut the fuck up assholes

  • Gokul Nath S

    What the hell?! Mohanlal and Mammootty have no rivalry between each other. They are the best of friends and been supporting each other ever since they started out. Don’t cook up stories for the sake of news!
    “They have been seen at several award functions but they never really talked to each other.” oh yeah?! Then watch this. This year’s Asianet awards. Happened way before the so called “patching up by Aamir”. They sat together, chatted and laughed for most time!

  • stupidBollywood

    there is no rivalry between these great actors in malayalam industry like the rivalries between khans and all.. bullshit journalism .. its not stupid bollywood. lol

  • Raaji

    Seriously, this is not Salman and SRK. This is Mammoothy and Mohanlal. 2 icons of the Malayalam film industry. They are rivals who are also friends. There is competition but it is never acrimonious. You give too much credit to Aamir Khan and disrespect two legends.

  • Indian

    WTF?!! They are long time friends! Don’t cook up lies for the sake of a story! Shame on bollywoodlife for stooping so low! I’ll never believe anything you write anymore!

  • Midx

    Bloody hell mohanlal and mammootty are best friends u asshole

  • Midhun Jose

    Stupid Article!! I doubt the author ever heard about these two giants before!! Please remove this stupid and shameful article!! Really misguiding to those who doesn’t know the big M’s relationship with each other.. Both have been around in the Malayalam film industry for more than 3 decades..and they both are good friends and are like brothers!!! There is a warm relationship between both. Bollywoodlife admin’s, next time onward, do employ someone who got basic commonsense..!!! Thank You!!

  • anon

    fuck u admin………

  • MJ

    Bollywoodlife go get a life. I hope the d person responsible of this company sees this post. Whoever has posted this false information needs to b fired immediately without any explanations. How could u compare Bollywood to Mollywood? A fight between d 2 Big Ms-fuck u bitch; go get ur facts right. Last month d Asianet film awards was held in DXB wit the presence of SRK-check for ur self how the 2 icons were enjoying themselves. Some news hungry prick post; shame❗️

  • Zulu

    Absolute crap…!!! The writer of this article doesn’t have any sense, and knows nothing about south stars. Shameful that the admins publish such misleading topics without any scrutiny of facts. Bullshit…!!!
    Just for info:- Mammootty and Mohanlal acted together in over 52 fims and they are best friend ever since they are into the industry.

  • m,,

    what the fuck fake newser

  • heart_over_brain

    wtf ?? remove the article please. cheap publicity.

  • Vp Fawas

    fuck off assholes…’nvr talked’ wtf admin!!promotional spree shud ve their limits…who is ak?Peacemaker???dz s nt d way to promote his show…Not only Mammootty n Mohanlal share a close bond bt evn their families share a warm relation…BL shud apologise..

  • Anil Jayakumar

    what a dumbass!

  • Aby

    WHAT!!!!? they are the best of friends!!!! Check out youtube links where both speak to each other, both having parties celebrating each others success etc! UNbelievable that as Indians we dont know about some parts of india!

  • killer

    total bullshit….!!!
    Where do you find all this fake news from??????