Aamir Khan – from cop to gymnast?

The Disco Fighter, our birdie tells us, might just be playing a very flexible thief in Dhoom:3

The latest buzz doing the rounds is that Aamir Khan will play a gymnast in Dhoom:3. Now if it’s indeed true, this will be a first for the actor who has played practically every archetype possible – lover boy, angry husband, cop, college student, sympathetic teacher and, in his latest, a disco dancer…er…fighter. And with every role he’s changed his physique – from being himself in his early loverboy roles, he’s progressed to beefing up for Ghajini, looking younger for 3 Idiots and getting a lean bod with a moustache attached to his upper lip to play a cop in Reema Kagti’s next film. So it won’t be any surprise if he goes ahead and gets a more athletic, flexible bod for his part as a very flexible thief in Dhoom:3 – which is the latest story on that particular block. One thing is for sure – when Aamir agrees to play a character, he transforms himself physically to look the part. Remember the shaved head and beefed bod of Ghajini? Or the long hair and huge moustache of Mangal Pandey: The Rising? That’s how you know by just looking at a movie still whether it’s him in Ghulam or in Taare Zameen Par. Eager to know how he will look in Dhoom:3? Curb that excitement, ’cause it’s going to be a long wait before you know more. Aamir had revealed that he will begin shooting for Dhoom:3 only after he finishes with Reema’s production in January next year. So all you Aamir fans out there, hold on for a while longer. And keep watching this space for more!

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