Aamir Khan goes on Haj with mum Zeenat Hussain

After wrapping up the shoot of Dhoom:3, Aamir Khan heads for a pilgrimage with his mother and will return only in the first week of November

Star actor Aamir Khan is making sure that he spends quality time with mommy Zeenat Hussain after getting done with a hectic shooting schedule in Chicago. So Khan, playing the diligent son, has taken Mom for a holy trip to Haj. It seems the actor has always made sure he treats his mother’s wishes like his commands, especially after his dad Tahir Hussain passed away. And hence how could he refuse when Mrs Hussain asked him if he would accompany her on a peaceful pilgrimage!

Aamir has always emphasised in his shows and interviews that taking care of a parent’s needs should be of utmost importance, and now we know that Mr Khan doesn’t just preach, but also practices whatever he says in real life too.

We wish the mother-son duo a happy journey and hope they have the time of their lives.