Aamir Khan: I do Satyamev Jayate because it makes me happy, not ‘coz I want to help people…

The actor has already finished shooting six episodes of the chat show

Aamir Khan, who was present at the Young Inspirators Network event, said that Satyamev Jayate shoot is in full swing. “We are coming up with the next season of Satyamev Jayate very soon. We have already shot six episodes.”

While everyone assumes that Mr Perfectionist decided to take on Satyamev Jayate to improve the society and to help people. Aamir clarifies, “I do Satyamev Jayate because it makes me happy and not ‘coz I want to help people. All that comes secondary to this.” Duly noted!

After repeatedly being questioned about his chat show, the actor got a little frustrated. To make the moment light, he said, “Wherever I go, people only ask me about Satyamev Jayate and not any of my blockbusters…” Well we will surely talk about that too Mr Khan.

With inputs from Prateek Sur