Aamir Khan’s ideal house is an unfulfilled dream

Guess who is house-hunting now? Aamir ‘Perfectionist’ Khan! Here’s the dope on Aamir’s sob story when it comes to buying a house!

One fine day in the year 2008, Aamir Khan decided to buy a dream house…. and he is still hunting for it! Now the common man is well-versed with the difficulties of finding a residence in Mumbai, but what could trouble a star? With so many brokers at your service, finding a house shouldn’t take so long! We tried to find the reason. It seems he has a host of conditions. Firstly, the dream house should be situated in aamchi Mumbai. Secondly, it has to be located in Bandra and beside Sachin Tendulkar’s abode. And thirdly (the most difficult one),  it should be perfect by Aamir Khan’s standards! Dear house-hunter, if you keep roaming all over Mumbai with such a list of conditions, we are sure that your dream house will remain just that, a dream. It’s time to get a bit ‘real’istic about the markets if you are keen on finding a real house. We suggest a crash course on real estate will surely help. Also, while we understand the first and the last difficulty, we are a little lost on why you would want to be Mr Tendulkar’s neighbour. We wonder.