Aamir Khan is scared of festivals!

As a child, the actor could not enjoy Holi or Bakri Id, as he was petrified

Talk about the guy who bashed up deadly villain Ghajini, to be scared of something like a festival! As a little kid, Aamir Khan was quite petrified of Holi. The colours and the general no-holds-barred masti terrified him. Not just Holi, but Bakri Id also gave him the jitters, “because of the goats being butchered and stuff”. Well, we hope Aamir doesn’t say next that he used to be scared of Santa Claus! Actually, all of us were at some point or the other…. But we do know now what to scare Aamir with. And we also know why he doesn’t throw Holi parties like Amitabh Bachchan or Shahrukh Khan do!