Aamir Khan: Kiran and me can’t get enough of Azad!

Aamir Khan calls a baby’s birth no less than a miracle

Aamir Khan is clearly a hit with the kids. At the DVD launch of Dhobi Ghat at a SoBo book store last weekend, children were all over him and wanted to ask him all kinds of innocent questions. One kid asked, “How do you play with your baby boy?” Aamir, amused with the question, turned all mushy and replied, “I tickle his toes and snuggle up to him. He is too small right now and doesn’t know who I am. But he knows that someone comes and troubles him! (Laughs) So when he gets a little older, he will know that I’m that guy.” One could see a glimpse of the doting father in Aamir even as he spoke to the kids at the book store. When they got too noisy and a little impatient, he quietened them down in a fatherly way and soon there was absolute silence. “We can’t get enough of Azad,” said Aamir, reminding his fans that Kiran and he have to rush back home because their 23-day-old baby was waiting for them. Aw! It was almost as if his child’s face was flashing across his eyes and he really couldn’t wait to head back and tickle his feet again. Aamir and Kiran’s baby was born through IVF surrogacy on December 1.

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