Posted Thu, August 14, 2014 11:52am IST

The PK actor launched the communicative book at Mumbai University recently

Aamir Khan took time out from his busy schedule in order to launch book titled My Marathi at Mumbai University campus in Kalina recently.

The book consists of level 1 communicative Marathi skills and saw its release with the help of the PK actor.

Aamir was seen wearing a sea green shirt with jeans and black sneakers. We couldn’t help but notice how tired and fatigued the Dhoom 3 actor looked at the event. Mr Khan has been receiving a lot of flack post the release of PK’s poster where he is seen nude with only a stereo to cover his front.

Where the poster initially was asked to be removed from the cinema standees after being termed as vulgar and obscene, we learn that now a PIL has been filed by the Supreme Court for a ban on the film! No wonder Aamir looked a tad bit worn out, considering his battle with the on going controversies.

Well we hope all is well in the end. People need to leave the Satyamev Jayate host alone for a bit, don’t you think?