Posted Wed, March 6, 2013 1:17pm IST

The actor-filmmaker bonded with his baby in between shots for Rajkumar Hirani’s film in Rajasthan

Aamir Khan’s schedule is never chock-a-block with assignments; he only accepts projects that give him time to breathe and the actor makes sure he spends enough time with his family.

Especially for his one-year-old son Azad Rao Khan, Aamir understands the need for some fatherly bonding. And so, he’s making sure wifey Kiran Rao and baby Azad tag along with him for his film shoots. Be it to Chicago for the Dhoom:3 schedule or Rajasthan for the P.K. shoot, cute ‘n’ cuddly Azad is everywhere and happy to be with daddy.

In this picture we found on Facebook from the sets of P.K., we can see how relaxed Aamir is in the company of his little son. Azad on his part is looking like a film hero in the making, already. Don’t cha think so? Just look how adorable he is!

Photos: Bollywood Videos @ Rajshri and Oneindia