Aamir Khan replaces Salman Khan in Shah Rukh Khan’s life!

Aamir Khan replaces Salman Khan in Shah Rukh Khan’s life!
Yogen Shah

Salman has always been said to be SRK’s arch rival but that’s not the case anymore it seems…

A lot has been said and written about Salman Khan and Shah Rukh Khan’s never ending rivalry. Though the duo have always been cordial to each at the social events, it’s their not-so-friendly equation that ends up becoming the talk of the town. However, now we do think that SK isn’t Gauri Khan’s hubby’s jaani dushman. We say so coz a certain Aamir Khan has now replaced the Kick actor in Shah Rukh’s life. Yes, looks like Mr Perfectionist is the biggest rival of King Khan in Bollywood at the moment. If the latest grapevine is true then Kiran Rao’s hubby is going to launch the trailer of his much-awaited film P.K. on August 15. The same day SRK’s Happy New Year trailer will be launched as well. In that case, there is obviously competition brewing between Aamir and Shah Rukh and now their war is out in the open, no? Maybe the Talaash actor wants to steal HNY actor’s thunder. We dunno if he will succeed but one thing is for sure – SRK has got a new enemy and we all know who.

While Aamir is close to Salman and never shies away from praising him, the Satyamev Jayate host has never extended the olive branch towards the Chennai Express actor. In fact, he has often taken digs at SRK. We all remember Aamir Khan’s dog Shah Rukh, don’t we? The 3 Idiots actor later clarified and said, “Shah Rukh is the dog of the caretakers of our house. When I bought this house it came with the caretakers.” Well, then we wonder why he mentioned the dog in his blog in the first place. Guess Aamir is not just good at marketing but poking fun at people as well.Subscribe to me on YouTube


  • EE

    Aamir show respect to SRK , he has never uttered a single word against you or others

    • krisi

      did SRK said something bad to Aamir ? NO…well he can joke,,but Amir joke also right ?

  • vinnu

    SRK stands for healthy industry while others for competitiveness shame on those


    SRK,, is the very hard working man….!!!! Success is always with him…!!!! All others are jealousy..!!!

  • krisi

    SRK dont need Aamir

    • Ytazbddj

      And who exactly needs SRK ???

      • ♥ Manisha Arora ♥

        his fans !

      • srkp

        like everyone else ! SRK is oxyegn to us to his FANs

  • My Dog.

    Srk is the most insecured overhyped and overrated actor. Now we will see the power and stardom of this so-called king of Bollywood. Great move by aamir.

    • Shez Khan

      And Aamir dhakkan is the biggest dramaybaaz of Bollywood. Sala bahar kay awards may to jai ga but local awards fake hain?

      Peekay will be another flop like the movie his wife made which no one watched – oh guess what I don’t even know the name any more hahaahah

      • chan

        Jiski higt kam hoti hai..woh sala kamina hi hota hai…amir hamesha srk se jalta ayaya hai lekin usne srk ki bal tak chu nahi saka…ae saaly kutty kamine suharke bache..apni aukatme re samja

    • Srk diehard fan

      Correct yourself when u say overseas market. Reports say Srk is the most popular star internationally. DDLJ is the longest running film. Chennai express made 230 cr with competition from Ouatimd and Bmb. Dhoom 3 was already a brand and that too wolithout any near competition.

  • My Dog.

    Aamir is the king of Bollywood. He has not only beaten Srk in domestic but overseas also. He is far better and bigger star than this ra.one’s flop actor. So all Srikians just take a bow.

  • Tia

    HAHA SHAH RUKH the pet dog

    • aisha

      I’m sure you must think calling him an animal makes you more human, i don’t even like SRK that much but comments like yours towards someone who hasn’t personally done you wrong and whom you don’t even know shows how much in trouble this generation is. No wonder there are conflicts everywhere. If you can slander someone you don’t even know i wonder what you’d do to someone you don’t like and know. God help us.

  • Rahul…

    A man come from middle class family and created his own identity to the world… We have to respect that kind of man..if anyone asks me where are you from I just tell him that I am from there where Srk lives…. I respect aamir,he is a big star but I can die for Srk…because he is the gift of the God…..AnI am proud to be a fan of Mr.Shah Rukh Khan…the king of the World…

    • kahlen

      Truly..sharukh is the king of Bollywood..

  • Shzwz

    U can never trust SRK, he is never a friendship material, srk days are gone nowadays he can’t do comedy he is also unfit for action all he can is spread his arms such a boring…