Aamir Khan saves Dhoom:3!

We mean the shoot. But such an irony, ‘coz the Talaash superstar is actually the villain in Yash Raj Films’ slick new thriller

For a few weeks now the Dhoom:3 cast (Aamir Khan, Abhishek Bachchan and Uday Chopra) and crew have been shooting in the windy American city, Chicago. But as the metropolis started gearing up for the annual air and water show, the US civic authorities ordered the Bollywood team to put a stop to all its activities. Why? The local line producers of the film didn’t have appropriate permissions to film during the show’s proceedings.

So suddenly the Dhoom:3 team had an impromptu break from the on-set action. But before the shoot got delayed any further the Talaash actor intervened, met Chicago mayor Rahm Emanuel and quickly resolved the matter.

In an interview, the spokesperson of Yash Raj Films Rafiq Gangjee confirmed the incident: “The shooting wasn’t stalled for four-five days. It was just a weekend when we could not shoot the action sequences because of an air and water show. The police did not give us permission to shoot on the roads that weekend. The shooting is going on very well post that.”

And with that Aamir’s put aside his goody two shoes and gone back to being the badass he’s supposed to be in the film!