Aamir Khan sets record with ‘Talaash’ fee

Aamir Khan sets record with ‘Talaash’ fee

Perhaps, for the first time in the history of Hindi cinema an actor will get a larger share of the profit than the primary producers

Everyone was quite shocked when writer-director Reema Kagti managed to rope in Aamir Khan for her thriller Talaash (earlier called Dhuan). Insiders say Aamir is one actor who doesn’t get easily impressed. So one wondered how she managed the casting coup! According to the official version, the young filmmaker had done it solely on the strength of her powerful script. We think Reema’s close camaraderie with Kiran Rao (Aamir’s wife) and the ace actor’s harmonious relationship with Farhan Akhtar and Ritesh Sidhwani (he was in their first production, Dil Chahta Hai, remember?) were deciding factors for Aamir to say ‘yes’. Now, we have found out something else too. Something that’s left us shocked. Farhan and Ritesh have agreed to let Aamir pocket 80 percent of the profits from Talaash! Yes, 80 percent! Now we know it is common practice in B-town for actors to take a share of the profits rather than charge a hefty fee. Aamir had done it earlier with 3 Idiots too. But 80 percent? We’ll bet that this the highest percentage of profit sharing any superstar has received, so far. Aamir will also be credited as the co-producer of the film, just like Shahrukh Khan is being credited for Don 2. And don’t forget this will mean that Farhan and Ritesh’s production house Excel Entertainment, which is the primary producer, will have to be content with only 20 percent of the spoils. Guess that’s the price you pay for casting Aamir Khan!Subscribe to me on YouTube


  • moazam, ijaz

    now that is true star power!

    • anis

      I hate amir but I luv pooRs .. lol :p



  • rammy

    the best in the business….true star….the ace khan

    • gayani


  • abhishek

    aamir…u r da king of bollywood…bt i think dhuan is bttr nem den talash….

  • zephyr

    wonder what he does with all this money? Hope some philanthropy work for the disadvantaged indians.

  • sumeet mor

    he is the real super star. who makes films for his audience not for money.he is my superstar.i really want to meet him in my life.best of luck for future movies aamir.

    • gayani

      so true! he is god

    • gayani

      he is the one and only superstar who has the true star power. what an actor what a man. and he is so cute talented honest and lovable. what a role model. and he does not have the ego some others have

    • Suraj singh

      He’s a man who left his wife coz she was fat…..kiran rao is his third wife……he has put a case against his father……what a role model he is……..



  • ammy

    who care what aamir is getting to make the producer gareeb
    cunning fox biggest lier dhoom 3.kiran rao teach all this first wife was much sober.

  • boofer

    money…and arrogance goes in same sentence for Aamir…lets face it…..movies like 3-idiots, lagaan, ghajini donot need a wonderful actor…script was powerful…and this guy actually knows how to choose scripts…and if we think he makes for audience, i dont think he should charge such a hefty amount…

  • Sandeep

    Bravo aamir….the 80% share is not too enough for this hard-working Real Superstar…

  • nadeem siddique

    yes; he has a guts to take out a new story and make a flim. aamir khan is s best actor in the univerase; allah hafiz.

  • Dhaval

    baap baap hota hai

    • Rohan

      Only King Is SRK who dont need any body but every one take his name to be in limelight thts wht aamir is doin to reval da first luk of his movie wid Most Awaited movie Don2

      King King he hota hai……

      • mirza

        Rohan kahin kuch jalraha hai na…
        thoda pani dallena ok hakle k fan…

  • Preety

    Love you Shahrukh
    Agreed With Rohan he is just Original
    3idiot,Ghajini first ofter to SRK but some reason it would happen

    So he is da best

    • sajj

      wake up preety and accept the reality 3idiots and ghajini never ever offer to shahrukh khan.

    • mirza

      preety yash raj DARR 1ST OFFER 2 aamir den anil k dey rejected SRK accept so who d best..

  • FunkmasteR

    Aamir is surely the ruler of bollywood ! ! Even if he doesnt go overseas still people love him so much across the world. . But shah rukh is hungry n greddy for money n publicity. . .

  • Ripon

    Aamir iz d best….d real king of bollywood…..

  • Lokesh

    Aamir is d baap….
    Dnt forget his hardworks for 3 idiots….
    I knw he choose gud stories… But he believes in role in cinema nt only publicity like srk for Ra-1(flopped)…. Bolo ab

  • mirza

    Ab toh samajhlo SRK k fans dat AAMIR is not only his name also he is rich in every way… he prove dat again ka ka ka for KIRAN

  • Shahid

    Aamir Khan is best actor ever in India.

  • dipankar

    Aamir is not only a brilliant actor but also a good producer.I have been always attracted his films as because of the theems of the films.

  • raeena


  • ujjol

    amir khan will break all the record by his new film talash.

  • Ali

    Amir khan height is only 2 inch and his mostaches are 5 inches hhaahhahahah he wears 10 inches heel shoes :D
    n works with tall actresses lol
    In talash he looks dull , expression less depressed n over acting …hahahhaa flop film by sure

  • jameel

    amir is the star by nature, its no need compare his talent with any stars in the world,his flims makes record only because of his perfection

  • XYZ

    Hello Aamir Khan Fans.. If you r real fans then keep praising your star Y the hell r u pulling SRK’s name here?
    Yes I agree aamir chooses the best projects he is perfect at that but please he is not the perfect actor.. He has the same expression on his face always in every movie.
    Ans for SRK, let me inform u how perfect actor he is.. Darr n Don2 as villian, DDLJ & JTHJ as romantic, Swades & Chak De India as serious character, Kal ho na ho & Devdas makes one cry, Don and Don2 as real action( no flying using effects), Mai hoo na, Yes Boss & OSO as Comic roles.. My Name is Khan as differently abled, Hum tumhare h sanam n Devdas as possesive and angry and so on….
    And there are more films in each category to prove but not enuf space to write..
    So watch it befor you all write.. Other actors(except Akshay he too has variety of roles) stand nowhere close to SHAHRUKH KHAN.. So MIND IT..


    Aamir Khan is the best actor ever in the world.