Aamir Khan, Shahrukh Khan or Hrithik Roshan: Who will star in Steven Spielberg’s movie?

Aamir Khan, Shahrukh Khan or Hrithik Roshan: Who will star in Steven Spielberg’s movie?

While that’s the dilemma regarding the male leads, Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, Deepika Padukone and Anushka Sharma are being considered for the role of the heroine. So what’s really going on in the Hollywood filmmaker’s mind?

A lot is being said about Steven Spielberg’s visit to India. And while most of it was revealed during his conversation with Amitabh Bachchan last night, there were juicy bits that lay outside the periphery of the much talked about ‘chat’.

While in conversation with the Big B, Spielberg revealed that his favourite childhood pastime was crashing toy trains and filming it through his father’s Super 8 mm cameras. Slowly, the topic veered towards the making of his movies – Saving Private Ryan, Close Encounters, Moonraker, American Beauty, E.T., Schindler’s List and Jaws. Spielberg talked about the challenges he faced while filming them. According to him, Jaws was the most difficult movie. “Jaws was the hardest. The adverse shoot went on for nine months and that almost stopped me from being a filmmaker. But then it turned out to be this big hit – there was this big white turd floating around the water and people in the audience were loving it, throwing popcorn in the air,” he said during the conversation.

But apart from this, B-town is abuzz with news that Spielberg is planning a crossover movie, which will star Bollywood as well as Hollywood actors. “We have finalised a script for a movie that DreamWorks and our partners Reliance Entertainment plan to make together,” he said in an interview.

What’s more, the B-town actors being considered for this one are Shahrukh Khan, Aamir Khan, Hrithik Roshan, Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, Deepika Padukone and Anushka Sharma. From the H-town, names like Denzel Washington, Bradley Cooper and Richard Gere are being suggested.

But nothing’s been finalised yet. But hey, all this dope is enough to get us excited. Ain’t it, readers?Subscribe to me on YouTube


  • Priti

    Hrithik roshan will be the right choice…he will suit to the hollywood movie because he looks like hollywood hunk…

    • Abhey

      What’s the point of choosing a boolywood actor then???? Lol… choose Hritik cuz he looks like hollywood hunk!!
      Both SRK and Amir will do good… but my money is on SRK… he rocks.

      • ajay

        only SRk…

  • babbi

    hrithik will be the best choice

  • Maya gill

    its so hard to choose cuz all 3 of them are great actors!

  • prasad

    hrithik will be the right choice .so i think hrithik one of the star who will do suit the h-town movie rock & shuck
    it became a remarkable hit in the world .

  • sushant

    i knew such article will be seen on internet…but nothing happens esp. when A-list star’s names are mentioned…. still i say Hrithik above all ,if not then aamir but srk ..never

    • Ludmila

      Only Shah Rukh.

  • hossain

    one and only sharukh

  • tayyib

    one and only king khan ( shahrukh ) .. i think he can do alot of characters .. and he loved .. he has a fun from Arab’Asian’euorpean and american .. so just shahrukh

  • jerbighaya

    of course the one and only SHAH RUKH KHAN ..he is the best ever…love you SHAHRUKH you are the best dear

  • KK

    Hollywood movies have no faltu rona-dhona so no place for SRK.

    Either Aamir or Hrithik, but my money’s on Aamir.

    Earlier, even James Cameron expressed interest in working with Aamir.

  • Alaska

    The shah can be and popular in India, but it don’t know in the world, and therefore will look at appearance and at game, therefore Ritik out of competition!
    But, looking at the list of actors from Hollywood, all of them are old men, and the handsome there will be Richard Gere, so the competitor from the Indian party it isn’t necessary to them… therefore will be either the Shah, or Aamir, me all the same.

  • dave

    I wish Ritik Roshan be choosen because of his body build
    and his actions is much much better then other two.

  • fabio

    only shahrukh

  • rafael

    king khan only

  • abhishek bagalkot

    i like h*r ever and ever i will not change this hero this is my promise

  • arvind

    hrithik roshan above all

  • Lady

    None of them.
    If Spilberg wants a typical Indian to oppose Hollywood actor, he will choose someone like Irrfan Khan or Navazuddin Siddik. I mean: dark skin and ugly.
    I love Hrithik, but he looks too European. No chance…

  • KJ Khan

    Aamir Khan

  • shishir

    obiously Hrithik Roshan.he has da standrad.nd nw a days his physiqe is jst awesome.nd his looks and acting,dancing talent is grt.only he cud act wid hollywood actors nd that’ll b a super prfct match.

  • gourav

    only shahkruh khan the king khan of course is only and best choice

  • koki

    any smart director would choose hrithik he ‘ s the best

  • Ric

    The only ans to Hollywood from India is H.Ro!!! The Looks, The Acting you name it and he has it, he will also match the tall hunks of Hollywood.. I hope common sense prevails and Hrithik Roshan is take for the Job!

  • rockstar

    quite obvious……..it has to be Hrithik. He is the one who ll do justice to a hollywood movie undoubtedly

  • harishchandra

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  • qna


  • shama

    hrithik would be perfect,if he will start acting..lols

  • zulqarnain

    here we are discusing about actor , so who could act better than srk, , while amir and rithik they ard nobody as far as acting comes, king khan is big brand wherever and whenever,

    • akash

      i know nobody could act,live and perform as shahrukh khan

  • Mittali


  • K11

    It should be SRK and Anushka since she’s shortlisted for the film…love to see this pair again

  • gm

    Hrithik after his great performances in Jodha Akber, agneepath, lakshya and zindagi na milegi dobara

    Amir and shahrukh at 48 look old now.

  • Carol

    Hopefully none of them. 2 old dwarfs and an overacting wannabe is not a thing Indian can proud on it.

  • silva

    The one and Only King Khan <3 <3 He is perfect <3

  • aariya

    Hrithik is the only one made 4 hollywood and is the most perfect choice! Hrithik roshan is bollywoods best actor!

  • Skb

    morons saying that srk is better choice, go home kids !! hrithik roshan is the only bollywood actor of hollywood standard , and that has been accepted by all !! one day bollywood and hollywood crossover would happen , and mark my words, it would be by hrithik roshan !! he has brought superheroes and science fiction into bollywood, what has srk done ?? nothing !!

  • Luckyyie

    Chuti@ banake chale jate hain inka hollywood wale