Aamir Khan supports Anna at Ramlila maidan in Delhi

The perfectionist Khan courts controversy by standing by Anna Hazare as his fast reaches its 12th day during the anti-corruption campaign

We recently told you about how not everyone in Bollywood is supporting Anna Hazare’s anti-corruption movement. Today Aamir Khan took his fans and well-wishers by surprise when he came forward in support of the Jan Lokpal Bill. He was joined by his 3 Idiots director, Rajkumar Hirani, who also shared the stage with Anna and the movie star. “I want to hug Anna. I support his Jan Lokpal bill after studying it carefully. We are now looking at the MPs of our country in Parliament. We want them to come out with a strong Lokpal bill,” Aamir said. We like the fact that our hero is not being blindly carried away by the adrenaline of the protest, but has thought about what he wants should happen. As much as Aamir empathises with the crusader Hazare, he makes it very clear that he understands and agrees with the fact that the issue has to be taken up by Parliament before any bill can be passed. He said, “It is the 12th day of Anna’s fast. I am worried about him. People need the leadership of Annaji. I request him to end the fast. We all know that it is a process and Parliament will debate it.” He also sang a few lines from his song Mitwa, from Lagaan, for the people who had gathered around to cheer him on and were waving the national flag for him. Last time when Aamir had supported the cause of the rehabilitation of Narmada Valley evacuees, he had to face a lot of flak, but letting that stay in the past, he has come out again in support of public effort to make India a better country to live in. The whole movement has been an emotional experience, made even more so when Sonu Nigam, looking stylishly restrained in jeans and a shirt, sat on the stage and sang Vaishnava janato, which is said to be Mahatma Gandhi’s favourite hymn. Now we are waiting to hear from Shahrukh Khan, who generally does not get political, but will do a great job in not just gathering crowds, but also speaking passionately about a cause. Does he support Anna and his protest? Aamir sure does!