Aamir Khan surprised that Talaash was offered to Shahrukh Khan!

Aamir Khan surprised that Talaash was offered to Shahrukh Khan!

The Talaash actor said he will make sure never to sign any films first offered to his arch rivals

At the music launch of Talaash last night in Mumbai, Aamir Khan was taken aback with director Reema Kagti’s confession that the film might have been offered to other actors before Aamir – Shahrukh Khan included. From Aamir’s expressions, it seemed that he expected Reema to say that no, he was the first choice and the best one too. But sadly, no! However, writer-director Zoya Akhtar said that Aamir, Kareena Kapoor and Rani Mukerji were her ‘top 3′, her first choices for casting in Talaash.

SRK had earlier said that he refused Talaash because he was not interested in doing a suspense thriller. Aamir in turn clarified that it is not a thriller, but a suspense drama. No film has been made in this genre for the last 20 years, he claimed.

But what really tickled us was this entire imbroglio of ‘I was offered the film first’. Salman Khan says he was offered Baazigar first, Aamir had rejected Darr, and Shahrukh said no to 3 Idiots, Munnabhai M.B.B.S. and now Talaash. We wonder when this game of trying to show ‘You only got what I rejected’ will end!

Ruffled egos and all, Kagti made it clear that now she could not imagine anybody else doing the Talaash role as well as Aamir has. Yes, of course. But the star-actor turned wiser in those few moments and announced that the next time he is about to sign on to do a movie, he would make sure to include this question (Have you offered this film to anyone else?) in his extensive list of asks! Better late than never, but will you be able to refuse a really good script just because you were not the first choice, Aamir?

What do you think, readers?

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  • Pankaj

    really … har director ki first choice…… King SRK…;)….really The God of acting… The god of film industry….The King SRK…:)..

    • sajjad

      srk is best,amir salman,srk se jalte rehte hain ye dono acting main srk ka mqabla nahi kar sakte

      • somaliyare

        srk just play in good films with good directors he is nothing comparing with aamir khan who is sole advantage 4 all his films c lagaan, 3 idiots, ghajini, teera zameen bar can srk do that sure he can’t do that and if he were the actor of that films all wl become flop

  • Ahmed

    No Doubt SRK is The Best Actor in Indian Film industry .
    He Is The only one In Bollywood..
    The King Of Bollywood .,Bollywood is nothing without him..
    me From Pak and I like SRK..

  • Nandan mohata

    Srk is the best choice of acting nd i’m sure that srk have done much better then what aamir have done in this movie….SRK have done such kind of acting which other actor can’t even suppose also to do ;examples: my name is khan ,rab ne bana di jodi ,chak de! India ,devdas ,kal ho naa ho ,baazigar ,darr ,swedes ,veer-zaara ,don-don2 ,mohabbatein ,paheli ,ashoka ,ddlj etc;…..

  • karan

    Again aamir khan is using SRK name to promote his film and get some attention….CHEAP publicity stunt…he used same strategy for GAJHINI also….his motive is use SRK name for his own goood….BIGGEST MANIPULATOR of FILM INDUSTRY….MR AAMIR KHAN……

  • Pi

    Aamir khan is such an insufferable snobby boring ugly….well DOG.
    And not in a good sense of the word. He’s just a talentless fellow who would never get even a bit part in a Hollywood movie. He is a big eared short no smile no talent no charisma loser. Ugh! I hate him more than anyone else in India

    • Mohammed Abdus Salam

      True! Somebodies dog name is Amir khan and ladies dog name is Kiron Rao?

    • Robert

      Absolutely!!! I totally agree wid u.. Best eg, In Kaise Mujhe Tum Milgaye song, I dont understand if he is being happy or if he is crying!!! wat a nut case he is… I dont understand y he brings SRK in between everytime!!! god bless tat looser’s life!!! sigh!!

  • ranjna


    • Deepak

      Aamir khan : ace of bollywood

    • Mohammed Abdus Salam

      Absolutely, their jealous because they what SRK can do it nobody can’t do it. SRK is one man army, self made actor from outsider, everybody have a back up, father, mother, brother, sister even wife? Without everybody SRK still rulling bollywood, confident man, very brave.

  • kisu

    It looks that all comments on this article has been manipulated by shahrukh khan…..it’s a known fact tht shahrukh is not a great actor, he’s surely a charmer and suits romantic, obssessive roles but he has no versatility, he appears the same in every pictures that he does, shereas Amir is a very fine actor and there’s no argument on this.

    • Ralph

      Definitly agree with you

    • Aisha

      lol what a biased statement – if SRK was not a great actor, he would not be ruling Bollywood for twenty years now. Aamir, Sallu, Akshay – all this #2 and 3 actors have only caught up in the last 4-5 years but SRK has been on top since the early 90z.

      Aamir should feel lucky that SRK refused 3 idiots because of his back injury unless Aamir would not even be close to 2nd in the running.

  • Mohammed Abdus Salam

    Talaash is gone be big time flop?
    Because same as Vidia balan “Kahani’s” story!

  • anika

    it is possible.

  • Dil

    SRK you are the best.waiting for JTHJ!!!!!movie..

  • Ruler

    SRK is a bygone history. It’s Aamir’s time, now.



  • Dreaded_WR10

    salman > baazigar (BIG JOKE)

    aamir > daar (EPIC FAIL)

    shahrukh > munna bhai (THERE IS ONLY ONE MUNNA AND ITS SANJAY DUTT)

    shahrukh > 3 idiots & talaash (WOULD HAVE BEEN BETTER)

  • kk

    Once again amir is usiing srk to promote his film…evrytime his movies are coming he will drag SRK Anyhow..he cannt survive on his own…pity him

  • Irani

    Aamir Khan Why This cheap publicity. Shame….Shame…. Aamir is always trying to drag SRK.s name to the public before Aamir’s film hit theaters.

  • Sudath

    Aamir are you scared? Do not worry your film will be okay. So don’t try to get cheap publicity and don’t hurt our SUPER STAR Shah Rukh Khan. No need to compare with him. Aamir your popularity and SRK’s popularity R totally differnt. SRK is the KING of Bollywood.

  • John

    Box office report proves who’s the bigger star
    Rab ne bana di Jodi < ghajnini (even tho it was adis comeback so much hype)
    My name is khan < 3 idiots (coming with Kajol after 8 years)
    Jab tak hai jaan < talaash (even though its yash chopras last directorial venture p.s. I love yash chopras movies)
    FACT IS FACT, you guys can say what ever

  • younu

    realy nobody cant do it wat srk vil done……….he is a one of the fantastic actor…….

  • Anna simoes

    Aamir Khan is the best n will best, he never stood for # position, as whenever awards were given it awl always had SRK because he must be paying the committees to give him the awards, n SRK always critizing the others actors during the ceremony.

  • Anna simoes

    SRK should pray for his stars that Aamir Khan rejected DARR or else he would never be what he is today, SRK keep ur cool down one day it may fall down.

  • fan

    Aamir you are a way better actor than SRK. He is an ugly yukky looking man. You are the best Aamir and can’t wait to watch you talaash on the big screen. I have enjoyed all your movies and will definately do this one too. you are a natural actor. SRK your fame came from others whereas Aamirs came from his own hard work. besides your hit oveis i love what you do for children adn your community while SRK lives his lavish selfish life. Allah is with you Aamir. continue doing your good job!!

  • swapnil

    ye srk chal tu gaya abhi wo yashji bhi gaye now tim has came for aamir n salman…srk ke fans to abhise rone lage bhai 30nov ko to bahut time hai…every time aamir won the race,,ghajini>rab ne,3 idiots>my name is khan aur abhi Talaash > jab tak hai jaan…

  • Musa sani shahrukh khan

    Mtsw,shame 2 u amir khan,please i want 2 ask,what’s d main reason that salman,amir,akshay,and ajay,are so jealous on s.r.k?

    • jeet

      srk ***ks. big time.. he only has done same joenar films.. n does he e1hav face!?.. all dumb srk fans.. watch my name is khan for his dumbness u dumb ppl. Aamir Sallu rock. Yashji the isliye Srk thoda bohat chala.. ab wo na rahe.. aur Srk ka thobda bhi dekhne layak nahi raha. he shud do papa; grandpa roles.. lol.

    • jeet

      jealous hone jaisa srk.me hai kya!? few of yash raj same type movies!?
      nothing new.. nothing diffrent..
      chk d movies of d actors u mentioned.. thn comment dear.

  • Mimi

    SRK is the best actor and is famous of the world Number one of india is Shahrukh khan.

    • jeet

      firstly learn to type.. then comment..
      dumb srk fans.

    • Chandan Bhaya

      yaah ….u r abs true Mimi zeeeeeeee

  • Chandan Bhaya

    Shahrukh iz d only one king in bollywood industry…….Amir also good…….but sharukh iz better than amir……………

    • Aariz

      Famous of the world … lollllzzzzzz

  • Darkness

    Nice movie