Aamir Khan takes a break from shooting!

Aamir Khan takes a break from shooting!

We found a picture of the Ace Khan relaxing on the sets

Aamir Khan is currently shooting for Dhoom:3 in Chicago. We even saw pictures of him on a bike on the streets of the American city and saw how hard he was working. And then suddenly, we found this image on the Facebook page of one fan.. And we smiled.

The photo shows Aamir in a relaxed mood, resting in between shots, sprawled on his chair. He seems to be talking to his personal assistants to make sure everything he needs for his shot is in place. We haven’t yet figured out which location this picture was taken at – it could be a film or an ad shoot – although it seems like the Talaash shoot considering Aamir sports a moustache in the film. But we sure like Aamir like this – calm and chilled out! What do you think, Bollywoodlifers?

Photo courtesy: Facebook


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  • Lakhbir Kaur

    Hat’s off to Amir Khan jee,please carry on doing awareness programmes on TV. Infact I think you should do a talk show on TV every week talking on different topics. Lot of people are doing good and they need help,to continue their missions.I live in U.K also visit India every year Helping Hemophiliac’s.God bless you and give you more courage and strength to continue your make a difference mission.
    Kind regard’s and lots and lots of good wishes and love.
    Jai hind
    Lakhbir Kaur