Aamir Khan takes a ride in Shanno’s cab!

Aamir Khan takes a ride in Shanno’s cab!

And by doing that he fulfilled a promise made on the sets of his popular television show Satyamev Jayate

When we woke up to the buzz about Aamir Khan attending the wedding of autorickshaw driver Ram Lakhan’s son, we smiled, thinking of it as a one-off incident. But looks like the Perfectionist Khan, who has won the hearts of millions through his television show Satyamev Jayate, actually believes in keeping his promises made to the common man, or….errr….woman.

And that’s just what happened when Aamir visited New Delhi to present his research on faulty medical practices to Parliament . If you recall, Aamir had lovingly promised a participant Shanno – a female cab driver – in the domestic violence episode of Satyamev Jayate that he would take a ride in a her cab whenever he visited New Delhi. And lo! Aamir indeed fulfilled his promise and made us go ‘awwwwww’ yet again.

And all this makes us wonder if it’s time to change the Perfectionist Khan’s name to the Sensitive Khan. Sounds just right, doesn’t it?Subscribe to me on YouTube


  • Anas

    Aamir is best at every thing he does. He has such a creative and genious mind, always doing something new. And what I like about him most is that he is pure at heart! He’s not double faced.

  • subhash

    we alwayes seen in india all people wants to advise to others and try to get kind, nobody want to get bottem of the problem i seen the amir khan show but thatall of things he show that on tv that every body knows but why this happen its not happen because of people want to do that nobody wants to make bad thing on there on life you have money you have name you can make lots of differnt things to change life and people can follow to make good life baba ramdev does lots of things for his life better not for somebodys every humanbeing wants to there name to be big and i mean what everyou doing its ok but you can do better then that

  • Ria

    Hi Amir JiSaw ur show today and i don know how to express wat tghhuot are going on in my mind from the time ur show was telecast i have gone through a tough time too at my in laws place and i know how it feels cos i ve lived it all. ryt now staying with my family I come from a small place in Tamil Nadu..I totally agree with u that its high time WE wake up and take a step forward towards all this horrible things prevailing in our society..plz write a letter to Rajastan Government and get a fastcourt ready so that all those doctors get punished severely..they must also know wat a sin they have been doing all these years..my salute to those womens who came on ur show to share their stories and i pray that they get justice soon i also ve a request to take a step fwd towards the most horrible thing happening so openly everywhere-RAPE!!! Program like Satyamev Jayate and Crime Patrol brings to our notice the actual condition of our lame society i request u to do something towards it and let me know how can i be of any help???My salute to the 2 journalist who took out the sting operations in rajasthan..Jai HIND!!!RegardsAnita..

  • anita walia

    respected sir ,

    u have done a very good job.

    u r or hero


    if u get time pls call me