Aamir Khan telling lies? No, really!

The actor says that he seldom tells untruths, but regrets not being totally honest earlier. For now, truth prevails…or is that just a clever marketing gimmick?

Do you believe it when someone, especially an actor, says that he tries to not lie? Or that he has lied in the past – long ago – but regrets it now? That’s what Aamir Khan said while talking about his TV show, Satyamev Jayate. For those not well-versed with Sanskrit, the title of the show literally means ‘truth always wins’ or that ‘truth ultimately prevails’. So when a reporter asked Aamir if he has ever lied in real life, the actor was thoughtful for a moment before replying, “One should never lie”. Yeah, right. How about when journalists ask actors for an interview, and they reply saying they are busy shooting or out of town? Are they being truthful then?

Aamir confessed that even a very propah person like him has indeed told whoppers in the past but that he “regrets it”. He made sure that we knew that he has lied in order to protect a friend or a loved one from being hurt, but that in hindsight he thinks he should’ve stuck to the truth. We hope you do that at least through the run of your show, Aamir – stick to the truth, we mean! But otherwise, wethinks a person who does not lie is kinda not human. Take a cue from your good friend Salman Khan on ‘Being (more) Human’. Wot say?