Aamir Khan wants to don the hat of a director!

The actor recently declared that he would love to call the shots, but hardly has any time for it

Aamir Khan’s directorial debut Taare Zameen Par was a huge success. The actor got rave reviews for not just his performance, but for also implementing a simple concept with great dexterity. TZP may have been Khan’s first project as a director, but he wasn’t really new to the job of staying behind the camera. Aamir has assisted his uncle Nasir Hussain before. And he gained the much needed experience before taking up the responsibility of a filmmaker. But when will we get to see him direct again? Well, that’s going to take some time ‘coz Khan admits that he’s really pressed for time.  The actor is busy with the second season of Satyamev Jayate, Dhoom:3 and Peekay, which is one of the reasons he has to delay his dream of directing his second film for now, even though he has a concept ready in his creative head and the script is pretty much in place.

Khan is full of ideas and visions. Along with his desire to direct a film, he also spilled the beans about how he is fascinated with the Mahabharat, and that he will only show this epic on the big screen after an extensive research and a detailed homework. Well, that’s why we call him a perfectionist, no?