Aamir Khan: When Salman Khan walks into a party, I go ‘wow’!

The Satyamev Jayate anchor admits that unlike his friend, he doesn’t know how to make a ‘star entry’ at any event

Aamir Khan is said to have the ‘Midas touch’- not only are his films super hits, but even his TV show, which has zero entertainment value, has managed to touch the hearts of the public and garnered him new fans. That’s why we found it really sweet when he revealed that he is actually quite shy in his private life.

A li’l birdie on the sets of Star World’s Front Row With Anupama Chopra chirped to us that Aamir was quite candid in his interview. He told the host that after more than two decades in the industry, he doesn’t know how to enter a party like a star. He is impressed with the way his friends Salman Khan, Sanjay Dutt and Jackie Shroff manage to make a grand entry at parties with seeming effortlessness. “When I look at Salman, Sanjay or for that matter Jackie walk in a party, I feel wow, this is a star entry,” he said. We are sure Aamir’s fans feel that about him too. However, he admitted that he simply sneaks in because he is too shy to do it like the others. That’s when Anupama mentioned that Shahrukh Khan too claims to be shy. “Shahrukh does make an entry, but I guess he’s not shy,” he replied. Uh oh. Looks like these two are not going to be making amends any time soon.