Aamir Khan’s 47th birthday prediction: Will he become No.1 again?

Aamir Khan’s 47th birthday prediction: Will he become No.1 again?

Will the man with the Midas touch regain his position in Bollywood? Read on…

What’s in store for Aamir Khan in 2012? Will the man with the Midas touch maintain his position in Bollywood? Will his next release Talaash be a hit? Our astro-numerologist Bhavikk Sangghvi says Aamir will do well this year, too, as his numbers and stars are good. He says, ”Aamir will be entering his 48th year and the only way his graph will go from now on is up. The year 2012 which adds up to number 5 is going to prove lucky for number 5 and 8 people. So, this year clearly belongs to Aamir Khan!”

He explains further, “Born on March 14, 1965, Aamir is a number 5 (Mercury) person in numerology ruled by number 3 (ruler Jupiter – Pisces) and number 2 (Moon). Since he is ruled by number 2, he is automatically ruled by number 7 (Ketu), as these two numbers always go hand in hand.”

Shedding light on Aamir’s ‘intelligent actor’ status who is also a commercial success, Sangghvi says, “Being a number 5 makes Aamir intelligent with a ‘thinking’ mind and hence he has a great command over learning things swiftly. The Jupiter effect helps him convert those ideas into commercial form and become a wise businessman.” The astrologer also says that the impact of Moon indicates Aamir is humane. It also means he knows exactly what his audiences want and connects with them on a spiritual level. That explains why Aamir’s fan following has increased by zillions since his first major film Qayamat Se Qayamat Tak (1988).

The astronumerologist says that Aamir’s next release, Reema Kagti’s thriller Talaash – the release of which has been postponed from June to November 2012 – will click at the box office and Aamir’s role will be well appreciated.

But before signing off, Bhavikk also predicts the fate of Aamir’s 2013 release, Yash Raj Films’ Dhoom:3. He says, “Aamir’s villainous act in Dhoom:3 will create shock waves all across the globe and the film will create new box office history.”

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  • vampire

    Bakwas mve hate him.. Bs ye sharukh king se jalta hai. .

  • eesha

    a very happy birthday to the king of hindi movies. long live the king! bad news about talaash. i cant wait to see the movie :( and he is no 1.

  • abdirisaq (UK)

    Happy bday Aamir Khan

  • Zeeyaan Ali

    Aamir is all time super star , the legendary actor also has versatile actor and a power house of talent.

  • Waseem Ather

    Best of luck for Dhoom 3 hope it will be bigger better best action songs story and performance than dhoom 2 looking forward for Talaash I like your acting and Films choice I wish you made more movies rather taking 2-3 years breaks

  • prem chaudhary

    god bless u cute Amir. Just be concentrated to your fans, what they are demanding? Be slow in choosing the realese date but don’t pospomd the date. It make fans unhappy. Best of luck, Talash may beat another record.

  • KJ Khan

    Can’t wait to watch P.K.
    Advance 48th happy birthday Mr. Khan.
    God bless

  • KJ Khan

    you are always the number one.

  • KJ Khan

    3 days to go. advance happy birthday Mr. Khan.
    God bless.

  • KJ Khan

    only a day to go before your birthday. HAPPY BIRTHDAY MR. KHAN.
    God bless