Aamir Khan’s cook of 18 years left infuriated after cops grill her over the robbery case

The jewellery being stolen from the Khan residence hasn’t been recovered yet but it sure has left the helps fuming! We had reported yesterday thatAamir Khan’s wife Kiran Rao’s jewellery worth Rs 80 lakhs went missing from her Bandra residence. Immediate suspects of the incident were the household cook Farzana, Rao’s assistant Suzanna, and domestic help Jhumki. The result of the same being constant grilling done by cops on the three suspects. This police routine has infuriated Farzana and her family for she has been serving the family for over 18 years now. Her mother, Kesar was reported stating, “Farzana has been at Aamir’s house ever since she was eight years old. For a few years, she went to work in Singapore with her sister, but after returning, she has been cooking for Aamir for 18 years straight. They (the Khans) have always treated her as their own, then why are the cops questioning her for hours on end every day?”

Kesar Begum herself served the family for years before Farzana joined in. Turns out, the main reason why these three are being held as suspects is because they are the only ones with access to the house. Since they have been trusted fully by Kiran Rao, and the fact that the jewellery went missing under their watch, her helps have been questioned. Very upset with the way Farzana is being treated, her mother Kesar further mentioned, “Even during Ramadan, she never used to come home; we had to go meet her at Aamir’s house. That’s how loyal she is to her work. And this is what she is getting in return.” Wow. Looks like she really was a loyal help. (ALSO READ: Aamir Khan’s wife Kiran Rao’s Bandra flat ROBBED, jewellery worth Rs 50 lakh missing)

While investigation is still on, there haven’t been any leads to the robbery. All the old house helps and drivers are being listed out and questioned. As the ornaments stolen were worth upto Rs 80 Lakhs to Rs 1 crore, the family is just as upset. Farzana has been so close to the family that sometimes she would even accompany them as they went vacationing or for movie shootings. There have been pictures confirming the same. With such a rapport, this robbery sure has caused a rift between the help and the Khan family. We wonder what’s the case with Suzanna and Jhumki. We’re trying to reach them so we can get a comment. So far both Aamir Khan and Kiran Rao haven’t commented on the development of the case.

We’ll bring what happens next in this case. So stay tuned to this space for more details on the robbery and new developments on the same.