Aamir Khan’s Dhoom 3 motion poster – not exciting enough!

Wed, August 14, 2013 1:03pm IST by
Aamir Khan in Dhoom 3 First look

Yash Raj Films has released the first look promo of its new Aamir Khan-Katrina Kaif starrer, the third in the Dhoom franchise

Just as Shahrukh Khan’s Chennai Express reaps profits at the box office, Yash Raj Films has released the first look of their Aamir Khan-starrer Dhoom 3.

The much awaited movie releases this Christmas and the motion poster goes with the tagline ‘This year will end with a Dhoom’. The promo has only Aamir in it – his back, to be precise - showing off his well-crafted physique. Fans will compare this image of Aamir with his Ghajini look, which showed his front, but it’s actually quite different.

What surprises us is that although the promo has the names of the other cast members, Katrina Kaif, Abhishek Bachchan and Uday Chopra, they are nowhere to be seen. All we see is the skyline of Chicago and and a fleet of helicopters. A voice-over reveals that the police force is in search of a fugitive biker…who vanishes before he can be caught.

The Dhoom 3 motion poster somehow reminds us of the Ek Tha Tiger digital images. This could be because it’s the same production house has cut the promos. But wethinks it’s a tad disappointing, especially considering the anticipation levels. Of course, we wait and watch for more!


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  • Arpan

    Are you kidding? This is certainly a very exciting poster and is also one of its kind! The film promises to be huge!

    • hitesh

      This x”mas Aamir will open first 300 crore club for bollywood. Aamir will set new benchmark for all future bollywood movie.

    • KJ Khan

      Arpan is right.
      I think Dhoom3 will beat all the records.

    • Vikram

      Shut Up Idiot…. It is going to be a BIG FLOP & All Aamir Fans will get Big Shocks….
      This poster is surely very very Bad..Should have been much much better……..
      And one thing : Aamir & Katrina are the WRONG choices for the movie “Dhoom 3″.

      • saidur rahaman

        bakwas bandh kar.yaa aamir khan hai srk nehi samjha.hit pe hit hoga.apne aquat pe rehe ke baat kr

      • Ujjwal

        Yes you are right this movie is going to be a big crap with crappy box office numbers.

  • sagar

    Best poster ever. Dhoom 3 will break every record in town

  • Kuldeep

    Dhoom machale…… Exiting times are near.

  • Ashu

    awww…. this is gona be huge….!
    and its just one of the best poster ever by a bollywood movie…

  • Andy

    Author is an SRK fan so he is quite worried. Thus giving negative feedback to the motion poster of Dhoom 3. Cool down Mr. Author wait for the promo you will go stunned and you will forget SRK’s Chennai “faltu” Express for sure.

  • bj

    nice post

  • Stein

    What’s gotten into ur minds! The poster was indeed creative and amazing!

  • Rajesh

    The article has been written by a desperate SRK fan….

  • sameer

    o hello…. U seems to be a’fan of srk thats why u r nt excited about dhoom 3 and worried about cheenai express…. But Aamir is best n dhoom 3 will be a huge block buster….. We loved this first motion poster…. superb

  • Muhammad Asif

    SOO CHEEP HEADLINE yes certainly it is an intresting poste.I think you are axpeting that they rivel all the climex of the movie how cheep kabi to aamir khan ki tareef main kuch keh diya karo.the media is always against Mr Aamir khan.

  • Raj

    it is one of the best poster i ever be seened

  • Raj

    it is one of the best poster i ever be seened

  • v

    we are copy cats…dark night…poster..first copied in ek tha tiger then in dhoom

  • Tharindu

    This article obviously shows your ignorance in the subject of promotion. This is not promo video. This is a motion poster so there is no showing of other characters. Teasers and promos will be videos which will show other actors and scenes.

  • Deepak Agarwal

    I think you are not aware of difference between a Promo and motion picture. This is just a poster launch. Just wait for the promo to be revealed. Just wait…..You are going to watch a movie which is going to collect 500 crore…………

  • Rehan

    For the first time in Bollywood has a film released an exclusive poster and it’s damn exciting

  • johny

    Disapointing!!! seriously author shwetha parande is a dumb.. & moreover itz juz a motion poster ,not a trailer to incorporate other cast.. plz dnt write such utter stupidity ..

  • Mohamed Jalloh

    Were did i fine doom 3

  • Sudipto

    Ma’m, whole YouTube world is gaga over the Motion Poster. only 3 days, 1,812,582 ppl saw that. It’s a record.

  • Amit Munale

    Its a vry excitng…
    I think U too have eaten Eid dawat at Mannat, dats why publishng negativ things abt aamir..
    N people see what positv in srk, n wat negatv in aamir, it makes him Mr Perfect

  • mizanur rahaman

    dhoom machaiegi hamari akkha countrey mein aamir khan and we aer all hope that this film break the all records

  • muz

    good waiting for dhoom 3 aamir rocks

  • Alexandr
  • Alexandr
  • Rocky

    Dont knw wat got in author’s mind…probably she is sick…of course this is one of the best posters ever made in the bollywood.

  • Rocky

    Vikram- You are the biggest Idiot India has ever produced. We are very lucky to have you with us Mr. Dumb A_ _

  • saidur rahaman

    i am waiting for dhoom3.lv u aamir

  • khsadadbinsajed

    not too good…….hrittik would be better……amir buddha doesn’t suit for this

  • khsadadbinsajed

    not too good…….hrittik would be better……

  • ankur Kaushal

    Aamir rocks, D-3 will break all records. D-3 will cros 350 crore & 1000 crore in world wide.

  • sandeep

    amir khan badda chor dekenge dec 25

  • Rakesh

    SRK ka SALMAN ka RANBIR ka sabka record Fir se todega re apan AMIR KHAN…

    • Equbal Rahi

      Great dear…..

  • AK

    you kidding me? who paid you to write such a lame report?

  • Ankit

    in this movie where is salman khan

  • MegaNicks

    M sure D3 will break all d records which is made by mr.Bakra khan

  • rajesh

    samj ke hi bhar he

  • kannav

    r u psyco or what ,it will be best movie india have ever produced …..if ce can earn 400 cr than dhoom 3 will earn 1000 cr world wide…

    • samir

      super super super hit baap baap hota hai amir is the baap of the bollywood DOOOOOM3 DOOOM3 MACHALE AMIR IS THE SUPER KING IN THE BOLLYWOOD


  • Saeedullah baloch

    I think it will be the success movie of aamir ,,,,and aamir will be success to get his hopes

    • hammad


  • santosh kr paswan

    Dhoom 3 is the best picture in 2013.

    • sohail khan

      yaar abhishak bachan main to haal nahi lekin ho sakta hai aamir khan ki waja se flim kamiyab jaye

      • KASHISH

        aamir ki vagah se aaj tak koi bhi picture kamyab nahi hui