Posted Wed, July 4, 2012 3:04pm IST

The actor is extremely particular about the hairdos he sports in his movies. From the length of his locks to the way his mane is set, Khan makes it a point to look different in most of his films

Although there was a time when the only thing Aamir would obsess about was his thespian skills, he gradually realised that just a good performance wasn’t enough to make him stand out in the crowd. Experimenting with his hair and playing around with his looks, the Talaash actor soon mastered the mantra to get himself imprinted in people’s minds. And when Aamir learned the importance of cool hairdos in his flicks, he made sure he went an extra mile researching the look that suited him best. And now with Dhoom 3 in the pipeline, Khan is all set to repeat the same process. He’s waiting for his eureka moment, the moment that will make him feel that he’s found the right ‘do for his sinister role in the film.